Decoding the Difference Between Preview Dialer vs. Predictive Dialer

What is Different between Preview and Predictive Dialers 

Welcome to our Blog, where we are going to discuss the major differences between the two best dialers in the world of contact centers which are preview dialer and predictive dialer.

Do you know in today’s time where businesses are looking for effective and systemized communication with their customers there’s come the significant role of dialers in streamlining outbound calling operations? 

So, without wasting your time, just jump into our blog and explore which dialer system is the perfect choice for your call center needs! 

Understanding the Preview Dialer

Preview dialer is a useful automated dialer tool used in outbound call centers or sales organizations. With this type of cloud based dialer, agents are enabled to assist with the necessary information regarding customers or leads that they are about to make before commencing the call. 

Preview dialer permits agents to go through the quick preview of their customer’s information and their preview interactions which enables them to personalize conversations effectively.  

After previewing the customer record, agents can reject the call and move to the next call from the contact list. 

Any idea about the working process of the preview dialer in contact centers? Well, it’s a simple yet complex procedure.

Here are a  few processes for how the preview dialer system works; 

  • Preview dialers initiate with accessing the contact information of customers from the list. 
  • After gathering all records and information like call history and leads, they are submitted to the sales agent. 
  • Next is to review all the presented information of contact numbers which are targeted. 
  • Afterward, the preview dialer makes a call and connects them to the agent. 
  • Once the interaction is completed with the customer, more contact details are taken and submitted to the agent and the process carries on. 

Uncovering the Predictive dialer 

A cloud predictive dialer is another helpful tool that uses several parameters in call centers and telemarketing organizations. This dialer automatically optimizes the outbound calling process. 

Predictive dialers operate complex algorithms and data analysis to predict the availability of agents and associate with your customer or lead. 

This type of dialer is efficient at making multiple numbers at a time and routing them to a live agent or an answering machine when required. A predictive dialer utilizes Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) tools to predict when an agent could be free. 

Here are some pointers for how the predictive dialer system works; 

  • The system starts by making multiple calls simultaneously. 
  • Calls are made on the agent’s behalf and can leave voicemail messages too. 
  • If someone answers the call, the system will immediately place a live agent on the call.
  • But it doesn’t stop here! Those calls which were not answered or connected can be rescheduled later. 

Differentiation between Preview and Predictive Dialers 

Want to know about the contrast between these dialers? The major difference between these two dialers is their functioning process. But their main purpose is to boost efficiency and effectiveness and increase the level of productivity. Both dialers, in their way, perform functions to achieve these.

Let’s look at these differences between them and identify which is well-suitable for your businesses. 

Contact timing 

With a preview dialer, the agent has full control over when to call customers. They already previewed customer details like call history and notes before commencing the call. This allows them to be prepared and ready for their conversation effectively. 

The predictive dialer automatically calls multiple numbers at once. The focus of this dialer is to connect the agent with a live call promptly. In case of prediction for the availability of the agent, and call volume this type of dialer uses algorithms. 

Dropped calls 

Preview Dialers allows agents to manually dial each call to customers, so there’s a lower number of dropped calls. Preview dialer allows them to cooperate with the availability of agents and the willingness of customers, which further reduces the chances of abandoned calls

As predictive dialer is a fully automated dialing procedure, there’s a higher chance of the number of dropped calls. At some times, the system automatically connects agents to the live calls, but at that point, customers may not be available. However, the problem of abandoned calls may be resolved with the help of advanced predictive dialers which operate algorithms to call pacing issues better. 

Call volume 

As agents manually choose and make each call, preview dialers usually have a lesser call volume. This can be beneficial when needed for personalized consideration of complex or prominent types of interactions. 

As we know, Predictive dialer automatically contacts multiple numbers by filtering out engaged tones, voicemails, and telephone messaging machines; so they have a higher call volume. This type of system is more applicable in the case of high-volume outbound call centers

Fruitful scaling operations 

Preview dialer systems are more applicable for smaller call centers as well as for businesses with lower call volumes. This type of system provides full control along with flexibility but might be not capable of scaling operations. 

Predictive dialer systems are specifically designed and operated for high-volume operations. They can efficiently handle a large number of call volumes. Also, it’s effective and fruitful for scaling businesses that need a high number of outbound calls. 

Personalized Approach 

As the preview dialer system features the previewing of contact information before initiating the call, agents have more time to ensure their personalized approach during the call. This leads to increased agent productivity and higher customer satisfaction as agents can tailor their conversations based on previous customer interactions. 

As a predictive dialer’s preferences are more towards efficiency and productivity, so in that case they are more likely to offer less time for personalization. Here, agents need to be quick and carefully interact with customers because calls are automatically connected so there’s no time left for reviewing customer details beforehand. 

Customer satisfaction 

Usually, with a preview dialer, there’s always a higher level of customer satisfaction and a superior level of rapport building. This type of dialer enables agents to review customer information before initiating the call, further encouraging and boosting fulfillment and satisfaction from the customers’ side. 

The predictive dialer’s top priority is towards efficiency and this system automatically connects agents through live calls promptly. As calls are quickly made, some level of personalization is abandoned and this allows agents to perform more calls which further leads to enhancing and bettering the level of customer satisfaction and thus achieving sales goals. 


The final thoughts on this blog is that both the predictive and preview dialer offer various benefits and offer different call center requirements. Selecting between these dialers will ultimately depend on your contact center’s needs and requirements.  So to make effective and helpful decisions, you must go through this blog which will provide you with valuable insights. Happy dialing!