Predictive Dialers and its uses and how its works?


As technology advances, telemarketing is revolutionizing. Telemarketing Different computer tools are being used by telemarketers to help them spend less time dialing and more time marketing your product effectively. They are able to reach more customers in no time at all.

What are these tools?

Predictive Dialers

One of the tools that help telemarketers work efficiently and effectively are predictive markers. A predictive dialer phone numbers automatically mark, listen to calls and even the answers. If you detect any real person call on the line, the agent connects automatically telemarketing call. Thus, agents will never miss a call from a potential customer. It has proven useful for many telemarketers, as it helps to save time that would otherwise be wasted checking unanswered calls.

How does it work?

All you need is a computer, telephone and internet access on a hosted predictive dialer system. Spitfire predictive marker requires much less effort and is easy to use. You can combine the system with your T1 or analog lines without having a database server independently. You can run multiple campaigns at once, record and monitor calls and dial the numbers one after another. Sensitivity zone and query-based dialing are additional peculiarities.

This software translates into a customer relationship of long duration. Also saves time by reducing the signs and voicemails busy, and avoids the clutter telecommunicating agents helping them stay organized at all times.

Auto Dialers:

Auto Dialers were used before the creation of predictive markers. They dial telephone numbers automatically, but do not have the ability to connect to their agent’s successful calls. These are still used by most telemarketers who are on a low budget.

Tracking Systems:

Surveillance systems are used to keep track of calls for training or testing, ensuring that their agents are providing a quality service to its customers.


An amplifier offers a sound control option, even silencing. With the help of some amplifiers can also be changed easily to your computer from your phone.


Today there are a lot of options such as wireless headphones, in ear, over ear tubes or voice. Headphones allow agents to dial and communicate with customers in a more relaxed way.

To stay ahead of any other telemarketers who needs to keep up with new technologies and software available in the world of telecommunications. They can help you stay ahead of their competitors at all times.

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