Use of Predictive Dialer in Telesales Industries


If you or a call center manage a predictive dialer is an ideal solution for your agents and a great way to increase your company’s productivity . This type of dialer is the best technology available on the market today that optimize the efficiency of the call center. It has a lot of powerful features that can enhance your call center sales. The first key feature of the dialer is to manage calls in an efficient manner. With the built in artificial intelligence , it takes in the calls and distributes them to the representatives in such a way that all people that are logged in the campaign calls as soon as they are available. This is the reason why it increases their productivity.

Before predictive dialer , auto dialers were used on the market in large number. In a car selector means is a computer system is programmed to select a certain number of calls automatically . Auto- dialers are to detect whether a live agent, it is responsible for the present recording of the call. If it finds an available agent , it passes the call to him. The predictive dialer actually says that if an agent be available for a call , and for this purpose it uses a complex algorithm , also known as ” predictive dialer algorithm ” . Select Predictive Dialer more calls than the number of available agents and then on the basis of the statistics , it turns potential customers means available , because it is an estimated time interval feed that spends a means usually having a conversation . This is a big difference between a predictive dialer and a auto dialer .

In the process of choice when the server starts calling the number, it is the predictive dialer in reality , which manages the calls. In cases where there is no response or the silence on the other end depends on the dialer immediately. As with other calls are concerned, shields the dialer -out busy, unanswered calls and voice mail. It has only set the live calls on the agent. Once the agent is engaged in a call , he can all the information and statistics to see the call on his computer screen in context.

The above-mentioned monitoring system is just a telemarketer , calls that are answered by an actual person for you . It eliminates all the calls that are unanswered, isolated lines , have busy signals , answering machines took lines , fax machines, or any other form of automated services . The predictive dialer provider saves time because they do not have to dial phone numbers manually , you can hear ringtones or unanswered calls. To allow a predictive dialer a telemarketer, more time for communication with customers and less time was wasted once to answer on choosing and waits for a client to their mobile phone .

Using this technology, a huge amount of time is saved , the lost inserted manually dialing calls. Many dialers are with CRM capability, the pursuit of important information such as recalls, leads and sales . Predictive Dialer – software also allows for better control of agents in a call center , as the applications, the call center management to listen to the agent at any time , without their knowledge. It is also possible for calls to know statistics of each agent.

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