Why Predictive dialer is considering as Power Dialer?


Methods of company sales plans are usually very basic. You are a potential client or potential client, you call for more information (after already submitted) and interest in our products is business. Most, if not all the work is done manually by individual sales representatives. Call, email, fax, keeping track of files, taking information, etc.

This track following process becomes tedious and can decrease productivity of the company. The idea of ​​the sales plan is like a funnel. You have to your prospects that have recently become interested in your product. There could be up to several thousands of leads per month. The aim of the representatives is to reduce and filter the number of people who are interested in the product, leading them through the different levels of interest and the elimination of those who are less compatible with the product. This goes on sale. Using a marker of energy, can make contact with more prospects than I ever could have on hand. This system generates more attention and interest.

The energy score makes the customer feel important and makes them feel that they know what they are dealing with. While a sales representative normal 3-5 makes a potential customer calls with a score of energy, the representatives of the so-called 20-30 times for a prospect with the same amount of effort. Calls per hour are much higher. Repetition and consistency is the key, and that’s what you get with this product. You do the main sales plan, this system makes it easier. 10% of the filtered contacts are achieved with a regular representative. With this software, you can contact with 80 % of your contacts. With calls, email, direct mail, voice and fax all automated dialer and Predictive dialer will keep in touch with your customers easier. This reduces the extra hassle and the benefits in the long term.