Overview of Powerful Predictive Dialer


Contact the program is easy to use Voicent registered agent Predictive Dialer dramatically increases productivity and improves campaign down the line automatically connect , skip busy , no answer , and separate lines , optionally leaving a voice message on answering machines and – most importantly – not related at all you or The agent is on call until a live person answers.

When a live person answers, the program displays a convenient window on your computer , specifying the name and number of the person .

Contact predictive invented to eliminate wasted time in phone work.Typically, what if the person asked 1,000 phone numbers manually, will be the answer to less than 35 percent by a live person .

No predictive dialers , agents and spend about 80 percent of their time listening to the phone ringing in the ceremony to collect waiting , it is invalid numbers or answering machines . And spends about 20 percent of their time on sales and revenue generation in fact.

With the latest version 8.5.0 agent Voicent , the call center has registered grade scalability – capable of handling thousands of calls simltaneous on a single laptop or desktop computer normally .

Using predictive students to liquidate unproductive calls , agents can better focus

Telephone conversations with customers, and leave the rest to the registered agent.

Characterized LeadsRain Predictive Dialer comes next level through the implementation of the program through an affordable and easy to use.

The registered agent is as scalable and flexible as it is accessible to everyone. Communication does not require expensive hardware or telephone lines – calls are made via the Internet directly to your computer. Hardware requirements only is the computer , in addition to USB headset that enables you or your agent to talk with a live person through a computer .

Registered agent system can even record conversations for quality control or training purposes .

Voicent registered agent program helps to increase productivity and improve the line campaign. It can operate in any mode called predictive dialing and semi-automatic .

Compared with hosted dialer solutions mark, the operating cost will be much lower , as can be easily choose and select the best phone service to use.