Three Mistakes of Contact Center Management


The latest generation of call center software can easily generate pages and pages of analytic reports . Armed with these reports call centers , managers turn their departments proposed fast and efficient operations. Unfortunately three common reactions to these reports can devastate operations , making things worse rather than better.

Cut Staff

Managers use call center reports to find and resolve the sources of accumulation of calls. As times drop tail, some agents may find periods have calls to make. The obvious, and wrong , the reaction to this is to fire officials .

However, these changes are usually made in response to agents actually has overload in the first place . As the workload easier , reducing staffing simply creates the problem of overworked again. In addition, any healthy company should grow . What happens when the organization has more customers and call traffic begins to rise again?

If agents are inactive for short periods of time, this is often just a symptom of an efficient department and can be ignored . Agents appreciate the respite from time to time. Longer periods of inactivity can be handled by providing additional optional picture to fill your time or by adjusting agents , has not reduced staffing to cover periods of high traffic.

Using the reports as a punishment

Reports call centers can be used to find the agents who drive less than average calls per day. Shaking a statistics page on the face of an agent and demanding better call rates is unlikely that the problem is resolved. The objective of the analysis is to improve the functioning of the department for the benefit of the company , customers and agents. Its use as a source of discipline causes the agents to see the tools as negative.

In general , focus on the department as a whole and not on individual agents. Where were some agents are significantly below the expected , find out why instead of jumping immediately to a reprimand . Does the control agent due to poor training? Is the agent can not cut customers politely chatty ? It is handling the call agent to be transferred to other departments? Using a positive approach to these and other problems will produce better results .

Treating technology as a response

Reports call centers are valuable tools for managers, but do not expect more than that. They are tools , not solutions. The information helps managers develop effective solutions and measure the impact of new policies and procedures, but do nothing for themselves. Simply install the software and placing planks full of statistics will not improve the performance of the department rather than an ax to cut a tree yourself.

Software is no substitute for human analysis and planning. Use the data collected to determine where the problems are and to find new methods to address these challenges. Create policies so agents know how to respond to changes in call traffic. Develop a comprehensive solution rather than simply throwing money and technology at the problem.

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