Micro Level Improvements at Contact Center


Desktop Software Call Center helps agents move quickly and easily through the multitude of desktop applications necessary to do their job and focus on the customer experience. However, just having a desktop software solution in place does not automatically mean a call center will increase productivity , improve customer experience and reduce costs overnight.

While a desktop software program can streamline the process of inter – application, there is still an opportunity for many problems hindering performance or processes to occur and go unnoticed . These problems usually occur at the micro level and include poor writing skills of an agent , long time desktop browsing and misuse / underutilization of the knowledge base . But how a manager is supposed to call center agents to know that they need help with certain performance issues ? That’s why desktop analytics and tracking software agent activity is so valuable.

Desktop Analytics provides the knowledge to their call center managers can identify knowledge gaps and identify training opportunities / individual coaching as well as finding new ways to improve the customer experience and overall operational efficiency.

Even small differences in agents will work behaviors, such as typing speed and using hotkeys , you can separate the good, good and great members of the team of call center seen. Inefficient use of desktop applications can have a negative impact on your HTA and in a world where every second counts those wasted seconds can end up costing millions. Desk analysis tracks 100 % of desktop activities, which alerts you to any agent behavior that could be driving their call center costs . Although each of your call center agents have received training, not everyone learns at the same pace . Some officers may need additional training in certain areas to help improve your overall performance. Desktop analysis will help determine exactly where each agent strives and excels.

Managers call centers also have to keep in mind that the desktop software itself may be causing some of your problems. If an application are not malfunctions or the entire system to freeze the problem is obvious, but what about the smaller issues, such as error messages or slow page rendering? What is the likelihood that an agent mentioned a website in particular is loading slower than normal? These small glitches each agent may only cost a few seconds on each call , but when multiple that by millions and millions of call you are looking at a serious problem. Analysis Desktop automatically captures every event that occurs on the desktop, whether it is a mouse click , click, screen navigation system or function.

Many contact centers spend much time and money evaluating voice recordings and creating reports that track the performance of the contact center as a whole and while these indicators at macro level are incredibly important, the fine tuning of subtle deficiencies performance can have a dramatic impact on productivity of your call center. The only way you will be able to identify these inefficiencies at the micro level is a desktop analytics solution in place.

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