Laws to know before doing voice broadcasting

We / I are not lawyers and this article is not intended as legal advice. This article is just an opinion and not legal advice. You should seek the services of a lawyer for legal advice on voice broadcast.

Recently, the FTC has changed the TSR (Telemarketing Sales Rule) regarding prerecorded messages that restrict much voice transmission. This was a response to the large number of allegations of abuse of voice broadcasting and illegal activities taking place.

Basically the changes say that you cannot call a residence with a prerecorded phone call without the prior consent of the recipient of the call. Here is a summary of the new laws:

1. Prohibit prerecorded telemarketing sales calls unless the caller has previously received the call recipient is signed, written agreement or contract with E -sign to receive prerecorded telephone calls.

2. Exempt health care related prerecorded telephone calls are subject to HIPAA.

3. Exclude all charitable solicitation calls to previous donors, but require that such calls are an option to opt -out.

4. Ending the FTC’s current policy not to enforce the rules on TSR voice transmission.

5. Allow sellers to express disseminate existing or former clients for a year without support agreements E – sign written or.

A couple of things that are not limited by the new laws are:

1. Business to Business Broadcasting

2. Calls only informative

3. The policy calls

4. Nonprofit calls to donors or members

5. Banks, health insurers, and others are partially exempt.

There is something different between calls made ​​within a state (intra- state) and the state of the call state (intermediate state).

So this September last month new rules have changed the industry, but still allow many forms of broadcasting your legitimate and legal.

Finally, knowing the voice broadcasting laws as they change is very important if you continue to use this powerful communication tool.

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