Key Metrics of Contact Center Reports


Call Center Software gives you administrator access to a vast array of statistics that track how the contact center hits . However , reports of call centers do not show everything and should not be the only resource that is used to measure the success of the department. Important factors difficult to measure but include customer satisfaction , employee morale and proper training .

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction could be the most important success as a contact center. There are line items , customer care , technical support, and all other call centers to provide some service to callers. If customers are not satisfied with the way the call was handled, the company loses business. A recent survey by Natterbox showed that nearly two thirds of consumers surveyed had canceled service because of a mishandled phone call.

One simple step is to have agents ask clients at the end of a call to evaluate the experience . The agent may enter the class with a desktop application so tracking reports call center is. However, customers are not always honest if put in place and tend to say things are fine when they are not. Another option is to conduct surveys of third parties. Customers will be more honest and business problems are more easily.

Employee Morale

The contact center work is stressful. A typical agent experiences long periods of tedious and repetitive calls, occasionally interrupted by a lambasting an angry caller . Agents can feel trapped , chained to their desks and unable to walk a bit to clear my head . Phone Jobs often have a structure to progress, leaving the agents in jobs with no future. The erosion of moral leads to lower productivity, high turnover, and the fall of the statistics on call center reports.

Agents who spend part of the day when no phone picture tend to experience less stress. Agents should take regular breaks , and be allowed to take breaks after a spontaneous phone call particularly annoying. Breaking down large contact centers in the levels to agents expect to advance and something to aspire to. The most important thing managers can do is to listen to complaints from agents and taken seriously.

Appropriate Training

When reports of call centers show a slowdown in the department , it may be because the agents are struggling with family duties . The contact center is using a new software or new services being offered to callers , or are experiencing some other change in daily operations . Could also indicate employees need an update on basic operations.

Training deficits are more pronounced in new players , but appearing on experienced workers too. One problem is that veterans may be embarrassed by their ignorance and try to cover up their mistakes. Adequate initial training is crucial to facilitate the learning curve , but following instructions is important to keep skills fresh.

The best way to deal with such problems is to handle before falling numbers appear in the reports of the call center . Taking a proactive stance to maintain productive and efficient department.

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