Who is it, Peter McGuire or Matthew Maguire? Let Democracy Settle It.


This Labor Day, let us focus on answering some important questions. Since there is no clear suggestion as to who proposed the idea of Labor Day, we leave the task to the Americans. We have prepared a poll that lets you decide who the true father of Labor Day is.

Participate in the poll on Twitter and share your contribution to the American people.

It’s Time For A Barbeque And Some Shopping. Happy Labor Day!



Labor day is an honor in the name of the hardworking men who have been bringing comfort in our lives every day. The day is for them to parade their essence in our lives. However, I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that the comforting warmth of the season is about to end and a cold winter is what lies ahead. But that’s okay! Because you have one last opportunity to empty your wallets for some good. The day is also for buying lots of stuff that you may or may not need because its an unofficial end of summer.

Labor Day Giveaways

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The Auspicious Occasion

Of the 10 national holidays here, this is one of the last ones before year’s end. It certainly calls for an extravagant shopping fest. Amidst your children prepping for school, and your summer coming to an end, drown your sorrows in the endless sea of capitalism of the 21st century. But what makes this a truly auspicious occasion is the fact that it is on the first Monday of September. Monday being a holiday is already an added boon to the entire week. Not because its one less day to work, but one extra day to the weekend. Moreover, it’s bloody MONDAY! Labor day takes away the Monday blues and adds weekend thrills.



This added day to the weekend is not merely for vacationing but to remember that the origin of this perfectly timed holiday is far from an auspicious celebration, but gallantry, sacrifice, and justice. These are not just big words. It is the remembrance of a historic struggle between classes that gave one the identity they were deprived of. Labor Day hence, marks the phenomenal exercise of the freedom for Americans, something that America so staunchly stands for.

Celebrate With Zest

People may seem to forget to pay their tribute on Labor Day. The economic achievements of the working Americans are to whom the day patronizes.

So if you are looking to celebrate the day the American way, here are some tips:

  • Spend some time at the local fire station or police station and express your gratitude for their service

Labor Day recognizes the efforts of the working men and women, be it in securing the American people or contributing to the economic benefits. It would be a remarkable way of celebrating the day by bringing a smile to those who do not enjoy the liberty of a vacation on this day.

  • Attend the Labor Day Parade. It’s fun.

If you are planning to go to Brooklyn, try not to miss out on the Labor Day Parade. It attracts millions and is identified as an eventful time of the year. The visit is defined as rejuvenating since it draws one close to culture and ethnicity. Moreover, the occasion recognizes the workers who parade with pride on this momentous day.

  • Explain to your children the importance of Labor Day, perhaps over a Barbeque.

Summer is about to end, and this calls for one last get together in the open with friends and family. What’s better than a Barbeque? Get your gardens set up with beers and Barbeque for the perfect weekend. Meanwhile, let your children know the history behind the auspicious Labor Day.

  • Plan a weekend getaway

Labor Day marks the highest getaway adventures in the country. Being one of the last holidays of the year, it is considered a great idea to plan a weekend getaway, either with family or friends and build some extraordinary memories along the way before the year ends.

Capitalism on Labor Day

While the millennials fail to understand the depth of Labor day, they engage in the magnificent shopping fests drawn by country’s industrialists. Capitalism sees its one of the strongest presence on this day. Capitalistically speaking, the greenest day on the calendar, Labor day brings the highest revenue on the table. Not only is it a holiday to relax but also a day to remember the long struggle for labor rights.



With the festival being celebrated with human tendency towards consumerism, the occasion marks the time for offers and events across the country. The greatest advantage today that Labor day has given us is the showers of discounts that wake the shopaholics in us. Making this a gift-giving event, Labor day is truly a highly anticipated day of the year. Have a happy Labor Day fellas!