Increase your work productivity by using Auto Dialer Software


The automatic dialer is an automatic machine of thousands of telephone calls, the frequent linguistic information field agents. Call center agents not help, you can take advantage of their own time, and in many other important works, it can do more than one task. Automatic dialer has the ability to improve the efficiency of operators by removing a bit time-consuming and unproductive procedures manual dialing process. Usually the case, the manual dialing cannot call at the same time numerous calls, this is a considerable drawback in this growing world against the clock thousand Yuan. Therefore, the cloud based auto dialer automatically perform its work and improve the productivity of the enterprise.

Under normal circumstances, when the customer contacts their problems, they need to quickly retrieve BPO carriers, but their problems can easily pick out within the shortest possible time, it is not always important. However, it can help, automatic dialer agents to perform all the work, without their help, in addition, it can easily play mobile phone text messages, and ultimately improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.

Automatic dialing is usually in a different form or type, you can choose any specific depending on your business needs. Here is some kind of automatic dialer in the execution of their work with a variety of features and technologies:

Intelligent Auto Dialer: Intelligent Auto Dialer software is effective, personalized information processing and be able to collect feedback to touch-tone or voice.

Preview dialer: it can help the agent to view the phone information, and then make any call to the customer. It provides all the contact information of the client to preview the prospects of agents, and they want to talk about.

Power dialer: it provides a proficient, consistent and multi-line outbound process. It is generally the need to perform when using a large number of outgoing calls.

For the purpose of auto dialer uses a series of algorithms to predict the called party answers and agent availability. The adjustment process of the system calls the number of agents available, and the forecast has been made ​​the call will be answered. The result of a call placed by the system monitoring and detecting a call made ​​from the response.

About the system: The system will discard the missed calls; disconnect the line, busy numbers, the answer answering machines, fax machines and another similar automated service. Automatic call dial-up connection, the answer people waiting for agent. This will release manually dial the phone number and listen to the call agent unanswered and unsuccessful.

The system allows agents a significant increase in the time it takes to communicate, rather than waiting. According to a recent survey, the talk time has increased to about 50 as the hour from 20 minutes of instructions.