Increase your Conversational Minutes by 88% with Predictive Dialer


Increase your Conversational Minutes by 88% with Predictive Dialer

Optimum utilization of the resources at hands is a thumb rule of the successful business, no matter which sort of the business you would consider. It is evenly vital to get the best out of your resources instead of going for the best one all the time. Predictive dialer is one such companion of yours which will not only assist, it will actually take you to the next level of productivity. To say more precisely, it’s an automated computer system, capable of calling multiple contacts simultaneously.

It causes humongous time to the call centers where call making systems are kept manually. Predominantly, No pickups, busy calls and even uninterested individuals also used to eat up the productivity severely. Having spent mammoth funds over CRM and sales, the desired outcome was still out of reach. The issue with manual systems is that, time spent in having conversation with the customer which is called ‘uptime’ is as low as 20 minutes per hour. Whilst with the support of predictive dialer, automated call making system spends not less than 37 minutes per hour.

The outcome achieved through Predictive dialer goes in favor of contact centers as their productivity gets boosted by 88% minimum. Predictive dialer works phenomenally during outbound calls as they directly connect to the live person, rather than wasting time in connecting to the no answers, fax machines, answering machines and busy signals, too. Along with connectivity, what it revolutionizes is lead management, by making entire process swift and smooth. This way, it drastically improves the accuracy, along with the productivity.

Ultimately, predictive dialer adds on a superior value for the users and proves every buck worth spent on it.