Importance of Hosted IVR Systems in Telemarketing


Interactive Voice Response, also known as IVR, is a program that receives a mixture of selections touchtone keypad and voice telephone input. Below given are appropriate messages as e-mail, call back, forms fax, voice or other media. The IVR is basically a part of a larger program to include access to database.

What the system actually is answering phone calls ask questions and answer them to the customer. It’s like a customer service representative, operator, secretary and virtual receptionist all rolled into one. The system is a very useful program for customers looking to use a business approach automated with the use of a telephone.

A customer who wants to install this type of software you need to have a computer with special hardware known as a telephony card or board so that phone calls can be accepted.

Callers or customers are served through the menu options. They are asked to select from among them. The less complex IVR can only accept keyboard input keyboard tone decoding and routing calls in agreement, while the more complex use voice recognition technology that allows customers to talk about your options. Many of these automated systems technology use something called “text to speech” to give personal responses to customers with information such as account balances or flight details.

This type of software also guarantees security and confidentiality. A temporary pin is used for the first time, and then the system would require the user to change the temporary PIN to a more personal one. Each time a customer calls the system, it would require you to enter an ID number of 9 digits and the 4-digit PIN. Of course, these figures should be kept private to ensure confidentiality.

There are plenty of other benefits that this may provide, too. Customers are increasingly automating telephone helpline for surfaces customer service. Examples of suitable areas for automation include employee training and monitoring, management of internal operations, and telephone research.

While this type of software can make a company’s customers happy bonus, this result is not guaranteed. Once a customer calls the company, he or she would normally expect to get a complete, fast and complete. If the call is routed to the appropriate department, everything will run smoothly. However, if the call does not go as it should go, the client may get disappointed and choose a different company instead. is a leading Hosted IVR company offers cloud based predictive dialer with 1.25¢ per minute & unlimited users. For more details call us 302-397-0096.