How Our Services Benefits Your Company


A call center is predominantly a manpower driven company and is categorized in the ITes industry and not in the core IT domain. However, the kind of technical infrastructure that a call center requires is no less than an IT company. In reality, a call center depends as much on its IT infrastructure as it relies on the efficacy and potential of its manpower. There are several types of hardware and software that a call center needs to operate and to manage its operations. If one was to put together the costs of investing in the entire infrastructure then it can easily be several thousands of dollars. For a large call center, the capital investment can be in millions.

The gamut of services offered by LeadsRain not only encompasses every infrastructure, hardware and software, that a call center needs but at a fraction of the capital investment that one would have made normally. The holistic turnkey solution of predictive dialer, voice broadcasting and hosted IVR can take care of all the operational requisites your call center would have.

Financial leverage is certainly the first major benefit of our services. Instead of investing a colossal amount into the infrastructure, with our services you can easily focus on other core areas of your business while we ensure you manage your operations at nominal costs, thus allowing you larger operating margins and greater profitability. With our hosted IVR, predictive dialer and voice broadcasting solutions amongst others, launching a call center can be a possibility for countless entrepreneurs who would otherwise be unable to raise the required capital.

But economical advantage is not the only benefit of using the services of LeadsRain. The need of the hour is to have state of the art technology and be ahead of the competitors. Our predictive dialer uses the finest software you can get in the industry. There is no facility that you cannot enjoy, from automating hundreds of calls every second to getting insightful reports instantaneously. Our voice broadcasting solutions can not only convey simple voice messages to thousands of people but can also offer an interactive system where you can get your customers involved in the campaign and generate useful consumer data and other information. With our hosted IVR you can simplify your operations, have less staffs to attend to the calls as the IVR can take care of a majority of the customer problems without any hassle.

In a nutshell, the complete solution of predictive dialer, voice broadcasting and hosted IVR from LeadsRain makes a call center far more efficient, running it seriously cost effective and expanding it a prompt cakewalk.