How Hosted Predictive Dialer helps to Increase the Sales?


A predictive dialer is a software that automatically dials a whole group of telephone numbers and connects each active call to an available agent. Its main function is to process outgoing calls to ensure that players do not lose time dialing numbers or making unsuccessful calls . All calls are answered or are picked up by answering machines and all the numbers that are inactive are automatically filtered . This greatly improves the efficiency in return for low investment cost .

Other than that , however , a predictive dialer has many other capabilities. On the one hand , it can transmit a single message to multiple recipients recorded at once, it can send to all the thousands of phone numbers. Furthermore , you can now also work as a contact center input , apart from it being software processing outgoing calls.

A SIP / VoIP dialer is a combination of two powerful technologies : predictive dialers and VoIP communications. This means that instead of using a phone line to make calls , predictive dialers course SIP calls through Internet company . This will not only save companies call center phone charges , but even eliminates the need for phone lines. The only requirements are a computer ( a desktop or a laptop to make ), the SIP predictive dialer software , and an Internet connection .

Players in the industry currently offer predictive marker SIP software , which requires no hardware. This also means there is no risk of encountering hardware problems without maintenance and repair of hardware. An example of a product of this type of software is Tpad SIP predictive dialer , which does the job well and even goes beyond that. The Tpad software offers complimentary high-speed Internet available Supanet with capacity for up to 3,000 simultaneous active and even calls. The Tpad SIP software can also be integrated into any existing software or web-based CRM call center may already be using.

However, some companies also offer predictive dialer equipment, which refers to a desktop computer that has already been pre -configured to work with a special board voice telephony or voice modems . Of these two options, the latter is more profitable , but both are equally advantageous , as both allow call center companies to enjoy the benefits of predictive dialers and SIP gateways.

And of course , these companies also offer free training and ongoing support to all its customers SIP predictive dialer software .
The predictive dialer SIP / VoIP can benefit a wide range of industries including marketing companies that make telemarketing for generating and scheduling, market research companies , the customer service systems of the house, enterprising companies , insurance claims investigations and processing company in the business notifications , polls and surveys , and several others. But of course , it is the most widely used in call centers whose main focus is exactly what they offer SIP dialers.

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