How hosted predictive dialer can be used for cost valuable solution?


Contact center and call center industry is one of the largest and fastest growing today. It is a dedicated facility created by large companies and organizations worldwide to offer over the phone, ranging from technical support to clients, selling products and services, provide information, instructions and more. There are generally two types of processes handled by these centers. That is the process of entry and exit process. Contact Center usually used in the input process where the customer contacts through various means of communication such as phone, email, live online chat, fax and rarely by letters. On the other hand, call center offers outlet to processes where the agent (sales representative) calls to prospective customers or existing customers sometimes sell or improve the products or services of the company.

Traditionally and even now in some places, these agents manually dial cell phone or phone numbers of customers , which in turn is time consuming and less productive solution . However, due to advances in technology many call centers are deploying predictive markers. These predictive markers resolved the question of time and lower productivity but turns out to be an expensive solution where the company has to invest in buying dedicated server system predictive dialer and the software application itself. Now the question arises that call centers how to obtain optimal productivity in less time and with lower costs of expenses? Here the hosted predictive dialer service comes into play.

Hosted predictive dialer or predictive dialing services hosted dedicated servers are offered by some of the specialized companies, which acts as a predictive dialing system but through Internet web services. This predictive dialing solution makes the list of predefined phone and cell phones so that you can rule out those calls, which has no answers, busy tone, tone, voice mail, disconnected from the client as well as the numbers that are registered under DNC. These services can meet hosted predictive dialer call center is all thought of sales and marketing activity increases your productivity and proven to be a cost-effective at the same time.

Some of the advantages of implementing housed predictive dialing services are:

1. Hosted predictive dialing services can manage dial-out process and input process effectively and efficiently.

2. Call filters response, busy tone, voicemail, fax tone, National Do Not Call Registry, etc.

3. Cost effective solution compared to manual scoreboard, marker of home automation and predictive marker.

4. May be available by dialing the number of seats / agents.

5. Backend support from the hosting company.

6. It can be deployed quickly and easily in any call center.

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