Go-Portable With Ringless Voicemail Mobile App



Ringless Voicemail app is a helpful marketing tool that adds extra delight to RVM service by enabling businesses of all kinds generate leads, by managing campaigns even while on the move. As Ringless Voicemail being a trending technology allows one to leave your voicemail message for the customers without calling/ringing the phone.

App Features

  • Record Voicemail
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Campaign Management
  • View & Analyze Stats

Overview of Your Daily Stats 

With the help of dashboard, users can manage and analyze their daily stats such as successful & failed voicemail attempts, total voicemail attempts, etc. It displays the live status of account and overview of reports for the current date.

Record Voicemail

Record your own voicemail instantly. All you have to do is just press the record button and record your voicemail. Next, you can listen to your voicemail by pressing the play button.

Once finalized, you can name the recording and hit submit.

Voicemail Drop Report

The voicemail drop report shows you the number of successful and failed attempts of a particular campaign. With the 4 options available, you can choose either yesterday, today, last hour, or current hour option to generate voicemail drop reports.

List Attempt Report

The user can generate reports for a specific list of the campaign. Let’s say, in campaign 1 you have saved 3 lists (list 1, list 2, & list 3). Now, you can generate reports for 1 one of these lists or all that exist in the campaign. The graph shows you the number of calls attempted for the list you selected.

For suggestions or queries feel free to use our in-App Feedback.