Generate Sales Using Voice Broadcasting Leads


Our voice broadcasting system is very powerful, but it cannot close any sales for you! This is up to you, or your representatives – so it is very important to work well on the phone with the calls that are transferred to you.

We cannot tell you how to best sell your service, but we CAN tell you, through much experience, how to best ANSWER the transferred calls.

Since your phone will be ringing, the calls will seem like they are inbound calls, but they are not! Please remember that as far as the transferred party is concerned, you placed the call to them. It is very important to answer the call accordingly.

When your phone rings, you will hear a brief recorded message that says “You have a transferred call – BEEP” – you will be immediately connected after the “beep”.

The best way to answer these calls is to simply thank the caller for responding, and to ask them a leading question – like this – “Hi, this is Dave, thanks for responding, would you like more information about _________?”

At this point, you simply should determine whether or not the transferred caller has a real interest in your product or service. If they do not, don’t hang up or argue, simply press the “*” key, and our system will play a recording stating “your number has been successfully removed from the database” and it then disconnects the call. Of course, if the transferred caller expresses a valid interest in your product or service, you would continue with your normal qualifying and closing process.

We strongly recommend that you decide exactly how you’d like these calls to be answered, and train anyone answering the calls accordingly.

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