Fisherman Dialer


There are fishermen, and then there is the Predictive Dialer. How are the two sailing on the same boat? Here’s how.


Fisherman Dialer

There are 4 kinds of fishes when you’re fishing.

Ones who are alive

Ones who don’t want to get caught

Ones who are not available

And the ones where their voicemails are detected

If the predictive dialer was a fishing rod, and all you have to do is sit with a plate, the dialer will bring to you only the fishes that are alive.

Ok, that was horribly explained.
Basically, the predictive dialer connects agents to humans only.


Full disclosure, Predictive Dialer (PD) is not a fishing rod, it is a software that makes your job easier than imagined. So if you’re a fisherman, and you’ve come here to find some answers, this is the right time for you to change the tab.

This dialer is witty and it can be found also on a cloud. Literally, it’s floating. The greatest benefit of a cloud-based predictive dialer is that you can scale out your executives at no additional cost. So keep your workforce mobile on a cloud server; allowing you to float along with it across the globe. 

What a PD does is it connects those highly extroverts making millions of calls per day, with the right kind of fishes. Isn’t that helpful? Maybe not to the fishermen readers who changed the tab a few minutes ago.

How big is your plate?

There are 4 kinds of plates.

Kidding, I’m not going to put you through that again.

By plate, I mean the strength of your executives. Obviously, that makes sense now, bigger the plate, more the fishes, more the executives, more the targetted leads. So I ask again, how big is your plate? Well, whatever your answer is, it doesn’t matter.

Imagine again that you have a plate big enough only for 3 fishes, and your elder brother, who has always belittled, comes along with a bigger plate with 30 fishes. Do not worry, you have the predictive dialer. It can let you fit hundreds of fishes with the size of plate you have.

So what do you do if you DONT have a predictive dialer? Well, go get one, and remember to get the BEST ONE

Know more about this software at Getting a bigger plate is not the only solution. Think about fitting more on what you have.