Features of Cloud based Hosted Dialer Technology


Before going into the benefits of using a hosted dialer, it is important to know exactly what the marker technology is welcomed . A hosted marker uses an advanced adaptive algorithm , Voice over Internet Protocol, and cloud technology to run a program or automatic dialer predictive dialer through Internet . This means you will not have to buy any hardware or software to run a campaign call center. All you have to do is register on the site and protect the provider’s servers and keep your data and their potential clients and campaigns.

The benefits of using a hosted marker system are numerous and include :

Faster connections – Gone are the days of having to manually dial numbers from the phone book to generate leads . Our system uses dial platforms and predictive auto dial to increase the number of people you can contact . With the predictive dialer you can make up to 5 simultaneous calls per agent , and the auto dialer you can transmit up to 5,000 voice messages a minute.

Quality Connections – You will be able to spend more time talking directly to customers and potential customers and minimize downtime significantly. Not having to worry about the amount of connections made every day or every time you and your agents will be able to focus on how you can improve your interactions and implement the latest strategies at its discretion.

Best measurements – Part of the package you receive from Vioteck is the ability to view real -time via the Web-based interface. You can see in real time exactly what is proving to be successful in their campaigns and what needs improvement.

Lead and Campaign Management – With the web-based interface you can easily manage campaigns cables and an interface that includes the ability to create custom rules and more.

Run campaigns Nonprofit – Automatic particular marker is exceptionally good at this. Voice message broadcast to raise funds and awareness for political candidates is a form you can use the system. You can also use the program to create awareness and raise funds for their charitable organization also . A campaign voice broadcast can be created for cities , towns and municipalities to issue warnings of potential disasters or storms headed your way and protect its residents.

You can find out what happens with the benefits of a hosted dialer can offer by signing a free trial account and experience all these benefits and more for yourself.

With all the benefits that the use of a marker may have stayed for you, it’s amazing that you have not tried before. You can sign up for an account Vioteck today and receive special offers, including 20% for life and a free trial account. You do not have to wait for the good or service , which is another benefit of a hosted marker. Within about 24 hours of receiving a request for service may be running call campaigns. Add to that our installation services, implementation, support and training are free and you have an unbeatable system.