Efficiencies to Call Centers


The voice recognition technology has evolved considerably with the advent of the UDE or natural language understanding in artificial intelligence . UDE is a subset of natural language processing that deals with reading comprehension system . Many of us have seen this new technology applied to spoken voice commands for mobile devices to find locations , get directions or updating calendars. Customers are surprised when a system has the ability to have a conversational interaction that was never possible with traditional tones or voice recognition voice . Artificial intelligence today can handle complex conversations in a free-flowing form that is similar to natural speech . More importantly , these systems become more intelligent as the intelligence engine automatically learns with each question .

This technology helps customers make reservations on desktops , accounting offices , requesting service assistance or a myriad of other business situations and consumers, without the need to hire a live agent . Virtual agents that use technology can handle well UDE inbound or outbound transactions from end to end . Virtual agents support the routine parts of a call and seamlessly transfer the caller to a live agent along with the information you have gathered . The types of transactions that are normally provided to the virtual agent technology is the order status, order taking, change order , bill payments , inquiries, account changes , scheduling appointments , confirming appointments, customer surveys , up-selling , cross-selling , the reservation – sales , outbound collections , outbound / notifications confirmations , RMA ( return Merchandise authorization ) , stop / stop service , bookings , requests for catalogs, analysis eligibility , technical support, closing innings of work , intelligent door entry and lead capture . With the smooth flow of conversation and a dynamic adaptation caller , virtual agents can achieve improvements in performance and efficiency out of the burden of repetitive tasks that make more efficient the agent pool in vivo.

Until 2010, the deployment options for the EDU technology had typically been quite expensive and complex to set up. Hardware platforms and software premise were standard . A few years ago , not with little or no options to find UDE as a hosted or cloud-based offering. Later, in 2011, embraced sellers hosted or cloud-based solutions and began offering hosted solutions NLU artificial intelligence. Cloud-based solutions provide cost-effective and rapid deployment deadlines without the heavy investment needed once . Many of these systems can ‘ overlay ‘ and working with ACD / IVR existing legacy systems , therefore , provides an additional benefit and makes it an easy decision to make in NLU systems.

Virtual agents that use the technology of natural language understanding can generate impressive ROI and results. Vendors claim that by using virtual agents will notice the cost per call decreased by up to 65 % , the workforce is reduced by up to 18 % , increase the self completion by up to 35 %, average handling time (AHT ) is reduced by up to 50 % and call abandonment rates increased up to 17 . is impossible to verify all the claims , but it is clear that industry experts agree that virtual agents are here to stay . ‘ In 2020, 85% client will manage the relationship with a company without interacting with a human being . “- Gartner Customer Summit .

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