How Education industry can get benefits of Voice Broadcasting?


Voice broadcasting has worked so well in our school district. Teachers and administrators are able to reach every household in our school district with messages as reminders or information about upcoming events, fundraisers or safety instructions. It has been a very effective and economical way to market and inform. It seems that this type of marketing or contact that work well in a business forum business to business, retail sales, hospitals, churches, civic, political campaigns.

The list could go on and on. It definitely makes sense that it would be a cheaper way to get to the same number of people. A 30 second phone call that costs less than a penny compared to the prices that go along with direct mail pieces. The voice broadcasting we have worked with allows a response to ensure that all messages have been received. For example, if we were not home when the call came, it would come again and if there was any message we missed we were instructed to press a number and that he would give any missed messages or family member to our family.

It is very impressive with voice transmission can be configured so that messages set point to a very specific target audience. The same message can be sent to 2,000 different households, but these households have only 700 seniors, instead of changing the message, you can add a message to the elderly and leave instructions to press 1 if you have a high and then that household would receive the message spread. Any sale or contacts or for business in general, reach the masses without having to spend hours on the phone just sounds like the smart way to market.

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