The Best Dialer System We Ever Tested Completely


As a marketing company whose objective is to maximize the return on our clients investment investigates all sales and marketing systems for internal use and for our clients thoroughly.

In 2008 an outbreak began in the importance of effective telemarketing for our company and many of our customers. Normally telemarketing systems put in place and then ignored for years. As technology improves and efficiency can be improved, it is important to periodically review the telemarketing operations.

We met several of our clients and we soon realized that many of its telemarketing operations were behind the times and not as profitable as it could be. Our team began investigating what marker system on the market was the most profitable – .

Note that profitable does not mean we wanted to do is find the cheapest system. We do not sacrifice quality for price. Our goal was to find the best marking system for the money. The main features we tested were:

Quality or predictive marker: If the system did not have a good predictive marker was eliminated quickly from consideration

o Ease of integration : we wanted a system that can be up and running quickly , changed, updated and improved efficiently

o VoIP technology : it was a necessity to maximize quality and minimize cost

o Scalability: the system should not be easily overcome , or large

o Web-based : this allows the use in the office and at home for home workers.

Excellent or lead management system: an essential component

o Strong information technology : to track the success of the individual agents , projects, etc.

Our team tested many systems. Some failed miserably, including some big names in the industry. Other systems impressed, including some relatively unknown systems. The marking system that most impressed us is offered by LeadsRain Solutions.

Our researchers were very impressed with the quality of the predictive dialer. It passed all our tests with flying colors. We were surprised at the ease with which the system was working and logical user interface was.

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