How to Convert more Leads with Perfect Blend of Inbound Marketing and Inbound Calling?


Marketing is the vital element that drives momentum and helps you nurture leads. With the right marketing strategy, you can increase potential leads. Many brands are now focusing on the inbound approach to enhance their reputation, build trust, etc.
As consumers want to engage with brands that focus more on user experience, inbound marketing is a way to lure them toward your brand. Plus – if you can combine your inbound marketing strategy with your inbound calling, it can do wonders for your business.

Inbound marketing will give your customers valuable insights and information regarding your business, but combining it with inbound calling will spur fresh blood with quick response and immediate followups on hot leads. This will increase lead generation and help you grow your clientele.

So let’s dig in and understand what inbound marketing is? How can you combine it with an inbound call to convert more leads?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Companies use various strategies and techniques to convert their leads, and inbound marketing is one of them. The primary purpose of inbound marketing is to attract clients by offering them more information regarding goods and services. It is a combination of:

  • Social media management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing

You can optimize your entire website to provide visitors with valuable information about your business. As a result, it can help build trust and enhance the customer experience. These things make inbound marketing a cost-effective way to convert clients and ensure they become loyal to your brand.

How to Combine Inbound Marketing with Inbound Calls?

As per Statista, 23% of the marketers in various countries, including the US, Japan, Australia, UK, etc., now plan to use inbound marketing strategies. Therefore, we can expect to see a rise in the usage of this technique.

Combining it with your inbound calls can accelerate the conversion rate and increase your sales. There are two vital concepts of inbound lead generation:

  • Communicating marketing tactics
  • Yielding prospects

Inbound digital marketing will use tactics to lure customers and provide them with more valuable content. After that, inbound calls can get the leads through the sales funnel. Now how do you combine these two? Below is a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Step 1 – Attract the Customers

Firstly, you need to attract customers to your website to generate leads. The lead generation process is usually possible by providing clients with information through blogs, social media posts, etc. The goal is to provide clients with content that will address their pain points and fulfill their requirements.

Step 2 – Convert the Customers into Lead

Once you provide the visitors with valuable information, you should focus on generating a lead. The best way to do this is by giving them a CTA that directs the visitors to the contact us page. They can provide relevant information here to get more content while becoming a lead for your business.

Most importantly, the contact us page should offer the visitor a number to get in touch with you. It will lead them towards the inbound calls, allowing you to nurture the lead and turn them into paying customers.

Step 3 – Nurture the Lead

The next step is to focus on nurturing and closing the deal with them. Customers making inbound calls are more likely to convert and become your prospective clients. Moreover, you can use their details by adding them to your CRM system and other marketing automation software.

So, if they don’t intend on buying your goods and services, you can follow up on the leads regularly later on with an outbound sales dialer or automated lead follow-up system. Additionally, you can use it to your advantage and get insight into customer behaviors.

Step 4 – Work on Improving their Experience

After successfully closing the deal and converting them into customers, you need to focus on improving their experience. Customers are more likely to become brand loyal and advocate if you strive for them with passion and commitment.

So, the job after closing the sale is to build strategies to give them a better customer experience. For that, you need to work on customer support and after-sale services.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing with Inbound Calls

Inbound marketing gives you plenty of benefits. With a dynamic inbound marketing strategy, you can reap numerous benefits in no time, such as:

  • It creates valuable content that gives insight to customers with a chance to immediately connect and solve the doubts if there are any, which is lacking in only inbound marketing.
  • You can enjoy a higher ROI from inbound marketing+ inbound calling than using inbound marketing individually with quick follow-ups on leads while they hot or warm to act upon.
  • Inbound calling in the combination with inbound marketing, allows you to build trust and credibility among your target audience as they get the answers to each doubt they had in mind with immediate response making them believe in the marketing message and company offerings.
  • It is not a one-shot success since inbound marketing emphasizes building growth momentum and combining it with inbound calling keeps the momentum going.
  • A win-win situation where you and your customers can mutually benefit from it. Customers get immediate feedback and help, whereas marketers can get live feeds and hot and warm leads with a higher rate of conversions.


Inbound marketing is a cost-effective and ideal way to attract potential clients. You can create valuable content and distribute it to generate more leads. Conversational tools like inbound calling help you nurture the clients throughout their life cycle and convert them into paying clients. So, harness the power of a great ROI-driven combination of inbound marketing and inbound calls to take your business to the next level. To get detailed insight, reach our experts today at or schedule an appointment now.