Contact Center Solutions in the Philippines


In recent years, the Philippine economy has seen the proliferation of a large number of call centers or contact centers providing thousands of high paying jobs to Filipinos. Recent estimates that the Philippines has replaced India and other countries as the preferred destination for many offshore contact centers serving Western U.S. markets and others. This phenomenon has made the Philippines the country of choice for Western companies wishing to set up call center operations .

One of the main reasons for this is that the Philippines has one of the highest levels of English proficiency than any other country in Asia. Filipinos are also considered to have one of the easiest to understand accents, easily understood by native speakers of English. In addition, Filipinos learn American or British accent in a short period of time. More importantly , the country’s history and its links with the West, especially the United States, has made it easier for Filipinos to communicate with foreigners, who are familiar with Western culture .

Another important reason why companies prefer to go to the Philippines is the work ethic and adaptability of Filipinos. This has led to a large number of foreigners to the conclusion that the Philippines has one of the best quality templates available investors. Another advantage that the country is that the British or American companies can expect to pay relatively competitive labor costs that makes doing business in more lucrative than other Asian country.

Philippines has shown that it has a competitive advantage over the operations of call centers, because the country offers quality workmanship speaks English who can easily communicate with people from the west. However, there are other reasons why the Philippines has become the preferred destination of contact centers , including competitive labor costs and high adaptability of Filipinos. All this means that while the Philippines maintains its competitive advantage , the country is expected to remain the preferred destination expected to be the preferred call center destination.

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