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Development resources are filled with tips on how to maximize the productivity of the call center . Most of the time, their preferred strategy is focused on scripts or a specific call center software . While these alternatives are certainly important weapon to have in your arsenal fundraising by far the most important for your call center active efforts are students and volunteers. Without a carefully selected, trained and highly motivated staff , their efforts , regardless of script or software fail. A call center manned by strategically placed , focused and committed callers always give higher results.

If you are looking to improve the effectiveness of your call center , start with your partners. Here are three tips to get you started :

Rental / callers as you would recruit staff development.

Too often managers give in staffing just to have enough warm bodies in their call centers . Examples include calls that are advertised as required , open to the university community, first come – first – hired or available only for students in leadership positions. The end result is a call center full of people who may or may not want to be there , are there for the free food, or present obligation. No development agents hired that way ; should not fill our call centers like that either.

Engage and empower callers.

Many organizations treat their employees like call center is located at the bottom of the totem pole , when in fact it may be the most important to their fundraising efforts active . Students call center and volunteers are the first line of communication of an institution , and may be the only personal contact a prospect receives throughout the year . Regarding contacts per person, students and volunteers who call have more opportunities to engage in quality conversations of all staff members combined development. With this in mind , share with them the strategic objectives of your organization and allows them to customize each contact. If they will feel more ownership in their role , make a greater effort to show cause, and your institution in a positive light.

Thanks to them .

Calling is hard work , and too often a thankless job . Productivity is a barometer of job satisfaction , and is the responsibility of the administrator to ensure that callers are happy and excited , not only about the institution , but also about their role in their success. The easiest way to show your appreciation to callers is a simple thank you . Communicated verbally , as a pat on the back , with free pizza or a visit from the president of the institution, a real appreciation will do wonders for the confidence of a caller and commitment. Wonders for the bottom line will also be made .

Carol Wittmeyer , Ed.D. Carol is director of the Meliora Group LLC, a firm dedicated to serving the philanthropic leaders passionate about success. She has been active in this area for decades and national clients , including colleges and universities, foundations and nonprofit organizations.

Carol served as interim vice president of Newman University , where he led a campaign of $ 14.25 million for a library. He served as Associate Vice President for University Relations at Alfred University where he led the New Millennium Campaign will raise $ 82 million , $ 7 million goal. He served as vice president of university relations at Medaille College where staff and restructured the procedures to model best practices. Annual Delivery, participation and membership increased trust .

For two years he served as President of the Institute of Raymond Family Business dedicated to serving family business owners . Together with colleagues from the Kauffman , London Business School, Babson College, and University Kennesaw, she coauthored Foundation projects in the Global Entrepreneur Monitor 2003 and the American Family Business Survey 2003 .

As interim dean of Education San Buenaventura , was responsible for external relations and academic programming.

As a board member of the Olean General Hospital , Montessori , YMCA and the Warner School of Education, Carol has been active in her community. She is the President of the Association of Resource Genesee Valley AFP.

Carol was awarded the 40 Under 40 Business Leader First of Buffalo in 2001.

Carol earned her doctorate from the University of Rochester , where he endowed a scholarship in honor of a deceased partner. His thesis was: decision making of private college Trustees. He has served as a visiting researcher at Babson College, the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Rochester.

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