Contact center software for holiday planning


Contact Center Management is a daunting task and even more so when you have to manage staff holidays and days off. You need to make sure you have enough staff to cover the phones and make sure that it maintains the delicate balance between maintaining staff morale and does not allow parties to affect operating costs.

The Total View holiday and vacation planner allows you to simplify the entire process from the selection of possible approve vacation time labor all out. This will save a lot of time management and lets you set rules for all call center agents that gives them more control over their paid and unpaid leave.

This program is designed to reduce operating time and to ensure that you will have enough staff to cover the call center every day of the year. It gives your call center agents the opportunity to do for the holidays via an online application service days to be approved automatically if the call center is staffed appropriately.

The Total View holiday and vacation planner not only cover vacation requests. You can also use it to manage sick leave and personal leave each with different prices and different restrictions. There are rules that can be set to limit the number of agents who take time off each day and also have the ability to control the amount of medium – day ends early, each staff member has.

Another unique feature of this program is the ability to customize it for each call center area. Clearly different departments have different requirements for each location can be managed separately.

Call center agents can see the screen individually vacation request them to see what dates are available. They are easy to use and do not let anyone booking a holiday; there is not enough coverage for them. It is up to the agents to make sure you book your vacation well in advance so they can be licensed – It works on a purely first come first serve.

Obviously there will be some people who miss the dates they wanted because they booked too late, but this is the same with or without this program. However, it is possible that those who missed to get on the waiting list if the dates are available. If someone does not cancel your holiday, as a manager, you can customize the way of dealing with this. You can set it to the first person on the waiting list automatically gets dates or you can book and give it to the one you choose.

After installing the holiday and vacation planner, you will immediately see how much of your time is freed. No need to deal personally with individual vacation requests or questions so you’ll spend more related to the operation of your business.

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