Contact Center IVR – The Fastest Growing Support Tool


Quote of interactive voice response (IVR), probably does not look familiar to the average person, but it plays a very important role in our lives. From day to day operations of the companies, to allow safe and reliable transactions for consumers. Speech IVR has become an indispensable tool for our fast paced modern world.

Like many technologies, speech IVR has evolved over the years and has served many purposes. Its earliest predecessor was created for mobile in 1941. Far from a system that implements vocals, the technology used to mimic the tone of the audible signal occupied by the human voice. These tone-based systems worked by assigning each a completely unique keypad tone, and eventually replaced the need for an operator to connect the call manually by hand.

The next era in IVR technology dramatically improved corporate culture. At first, the interactive voice response was only used by large corporations and major companies designed to route telephone calls to designated departments. The apparatus is needed in most cases, were often very expensive, and requires highly skilled professionals to maintain software technicians throughout the day.

In the times of today, almost all companies have some sort of IVR technology in place. Some companies use the technology in its most basic state, as referring customers to the appropriate area. While others may choose to have the existing customer service departments more specialized support, all designed to save time and reduce costs. That said, most companies still prefer to have at least a minimum number of staff on hand to assist callers when they are in need of help in vivo.

Perhaps one of the most useful developments of interactive voice response has been the ability to provide accurate and satisfactory 24-hour support. Whatever the business, IVR allows companies to help your potential customers at almost any time of the day. This will not only reduce costs, but also makes it easier for management professionals to take care of incoming calls at odd times or maybe when the phone system is overloaded. Additional programs are provided by IVR payments, web support, caller ID, and transactions automated mobile phones.

Although the IVR has made it easier for many companies to reduce costs, some are tired of advances in technology. The concerns typically involve annoying phone menus, experiences of dissatisfied customers, and a low return on investment for the company. But with the innovations of today these are really the concerns of the past. Many virtual agents are able to integrate with corporate databases, providing fast and accurate information to customers, and significantly reduce the time lost. In fact, some organizations, along with some states have replaced entirely their own customer service departments with IVR due to the volume of calls they receive and the valuable time and money saved.

As for the future of IVR, many software developers and technical engineers intend to add more and more media options for businesses and consumers alike. Companies like Smart Action are hoping to add web, IM and email functions soon. These recent developments should play a significant role in reducing fraud and improving personal safety. Love or just enjoy it, IVR makes life a little easier for most people around the world and history has shown that the technology will only get better.

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