Contact Center – Innovative Applied Technologies for Communications


Innovative technological advances in telecommunications have made the call center a much more efficient and effective industry. Outsourced centers such as the Philippine call center not only save a lot of money in labor costs , but also in overall operating costs.

The technologies used in call centers have come a long way from the simple telephone. Today, a variety of hardware and software solutions are employed to do the work of the agents much easier and more productive. In a typical configuration , a telephone system consisting of automatic dialers and response systems are used regularly .

IVR or Interactive Voice Response – IVR systems are automated response that prompt the user to respond by dialing different keys that correspond to your choices. One of the benefits of having IVR is that it reduces the cost of the call to the client , allowing customers to dial toll-free numbers . Productivity growth is also expected and hours of operation are extended to 24-7 . The system can also be programmed to respond with multilingual options for callers with different ethnic backgrounds can communicate with the system.

Predictive Dialer Systems
A Predictive Dialer System can automatically dial phone numbers in batches makes more productive agent , decreasing downtime between calls. Telemarketers are more likely to use this system.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol
More and more businesses are taking advantage of the free high-speed internet available by combining the delivery of voice and data on one line. The telecommunications expenditure savings more than compensate for the cost of software. Many people have used VoIP software like Skype and Yahoo Messenger to call your loved ones abroad for free, but the use of such software to call people on their cell rates but require substantially less than the traditional call abroad.

Soft Phone
The softphone is a telephony system enabled CTI (Computer Telephony Integration ) handles incoming and outgoing calls, and can be integrated with other systems such as an ACD or Automatic Call Dialer. For incoming calls , the system can include IVR self-help for clients who allow agents to take other calls. The system includes a predictive dialer for outbound services such as telemarketing .

CRM or Customer Relationship Management
The software commonly used in any call center is CRM, especially for dealing with customer service . CRM contains all the relevant history of clients an agent should know to better understand customer and address their problems more effectively. Agents can also update the database to reflect the problems of any action or reports.

Management or WFM Workforce
WFM is a need for very large centers to manage their personal contact. The software helps supervisors and managers to monitor their agents and ensure that officers are assigned to tasks that suit their skills.

Call center agents in the Philippines are trained with the use of these technologies. Training for career development includes familiarization with call center solutions to provide competent and productive employees willing to listen and talk to their customers.

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