Complete Tutorial of Predictive Dialer


A predictive dialer is a computerized information system that can dial many phone numbers at once. Many call centers operate by using a predictive dialer to increase productivity. The average uptime, which means time spent talking to a live person, in which manually calls a call center is just 15 to 20 minutes per hour. Predictive dialing allows the employee call center to have 40-57 minutes of call time productive.

1. Advantage

When the employee or call center uses a predictive dialer for outbound calls, this system displays answering machines, busy signals, fax machines and no answers and only the caller to a live person connects. This reduces hours of lost call center employees and their time.

The predictive dialer is calling many numbers at a time and only calls in which a live person answers go through the call center agent. When the call is processed, the agent sees the information on a computer screen. Agents must first identify who is calling by name and then go to the field.

The predictive dialer enables the call depending on the situation the agent “provision” or categorize. For example, if the person who was called not interested and do not want to be called again, the provisions of the call as such agent, and the person will not be called again. Alternatively, if the person is interested, but request a callback at a more convenient time, the predictive dialer can handle that too. Finally, for a successful call when the person wants to take action, the provisions of the call according to the instructions for the particular project or campaign agent.

2. Disadvantages

There are disadvantages with predictive dialing for the agent and the caller. Because the predictive dialer is calling several numbers at once, there is the possibility that if more than one person answers and only one agent are available, someone will get a dropped call. When at home, for example, the phone rings, you answer and nobody is on the other end, which can be a hassle. The disadvantage for the agent is that, unlike in the book called the agent hears the person who answers the phone, the agent cannot hear the first hello. The agent knows that there is a live person on the other end, when the computer screen indicating that someone is there. Then the agent must immediately start talking without hearing a greeting.

Consumer Action

Caller ID With most phones, you can complain if society outgoing calls is a nuisance. Government laws are in place to prevent nuisance calls. You can join the National Do Not Call Registry and file a complaint. This will help the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the company and could lead to police action.

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