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In the world of dialers are several types to choose from. They range from click- to-call predictive markers of several lines. All vary in some respects, but most have one thing in common. They call from a static list. A static list is a list created by a query, and then sorted by any field that is in the record, last name , area code , home value or rating. After creating the list, that does not change until it is completed.

The problem with this type of list is what happens if a lead comes in that should replace the other drivers on the list. Unless headed out manually, the new leadership has to wait until the next time the query is executed and the list is imported into the net. This leads to an energy Dialer uses a dynamic list builder or tagging initiative. With this type of label a set of rules as opposed to running a query is created. In this set of rules, qualifications lead is determined first. One can choose the main source, age, classification, interest in the product or any other field in the record alone or a combination of ratings. After the ratings are set, the administrator then sets the priority level. Usually gets called by drivers who have attempted the fewest times, followed by the latest cables, then warmer rating and so on.

The purpose of a dynamic dial list is that a sales representative is always called the most important initiative possible. As a new initiative enters the system through a web form, it automatically scans for the initiative; the ratings correspond to the list and are added at the appropriate place (usually at the top). Furthermore, when representatives call themselves hot drive system automatically extracts higher, lower priority leads so the representative always has something to work without having to think about it.

If you buy real time leads of lead sellers or generate their own on their website, do not settle for static lists longer. Your potential customers need to be contacted according to their criteria, and not a simple consultation and management.

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