Why Your Company Doesn’t Want a Predictive Dialer


Predictive dialers are what many call centers and companies think are the right solution for their problems choice. Although , by the numbers , the predictive dialer produces more calls in a day ( about 600 calls) , it has many problems that come with it.

A predictive dialer comes with the great problem of abandonment calls . What is called a task? It is when a person answers the phone , but hangs up or ” abandons ” the call before the point of sale can come to the line. The dialer leaves a “rest ” time . Pause between picking up the phone by the consumer and the collection of the Distributor You can ” please hold ” have when you pick up the phone or take a break before anyone notices comes to the line this kind of dialer sales calls that you receive on the night that a message on . If you’ve ever had one of these calls , you know how irritating they can be. In other words, why would you risk dropped calls and irritating customers? Although the government does not allow more than 3% dropout rate , which is a high rate of lines, in particular quality leads to lose.

Instead of making a predictive dialer , which selects at random the number of calls that allows an automatic dialer you choose to make as many calls and thus reduce calls the rate of abandonment. An automatic dialer or auto-dialer , the crib is the power , the number of calls selected at the same time adjust based on the number of outlets in the office and the estimated number of agents available at any time. This can be calculated on the basis of available outlets at different times of the day and approximate time each call takes .

An auto dialer is ideal for call center and business-to -consumer companies . It saves valuable time for the distributor because it eliminates manual selection , choice errors and bad phone numbers. Your sales staff can make more calls during the day, and thus achieve more contacts in one day, which can greatly increase the total sales at the end of the day and overall .

Auto Dialer can also use CRM systems and power tools come to the aid of your distributor complete more tasks during the day and thus more productive. These CRM systems can help you keep your customers , reduction in data entry tasks . It can also telephony tools that can send at the click of a button , the sales representative , e- mails and the recorded voice messages. The elimination of these time-consuming tasks can allow your agent to be more often on the phone, thus reducing the time it once took manual tasks , which cut into the sales period .

Overall can perform an auto- dialer close to the same number of calls as a predictive dialer , but calls with less devotion. Your distributor will be more productive , which can increase your sales revenue.

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