Cloud Predictive Dialer for Telesales Firms


Predictive dialing software is commonly used by telemarketing companies involved in B2C (business to consumer) calling, because sales agents require longer contact with the customer . Business market research and debt collection must contact personally and talk to people on the phone can also use predictive dialers. Predictive dialers are used as a quick and easy way to communicate with customers for service callbacks or welcome calls for new customers.

The main feature of a predictive dialer is the automatic call distribution (ACD ) , interactive voice response (IVR ) and call recording have added a new dimension to auto dialer and predictive dialer capabilities of this system. The predictive marker of this is when the system predicts literally idle agents . When an agent is not busy is a complete waste of time. Score maximizes human resources and greatly affects the bottom line of your call center. With a prediction system calls are automatically forwarded to idle agents at all times so that each agent is actively driving the next client available. As the system is in place over time become better at predicting the time of use of agents and their downtime. With increasing the effectiveness of predictive dialer is a better use of time of its agents. This dialing software plays an important role in making this a reality. With the software, you get to control how the agent interacts with the predictive dialer to increase customer satisfaction and experience with call agents.

A great advantage of this marker is the hosted dialer, which is hosted on a virtual server. Hosted predictive dialers go through a series of statistical computer algorithms to make calls, forecasting the possibility of agents and called party answers. The hosted software adjusts the calling process in parallel to the number of available agents when calls are expected to respond are placed. Monitors and predicts calls imposed by calculating the number of calls, the number of agents available and actual time interval between each call and how longer it takes to answer the call answered. Eliminates the calls are not being answered , busy numbers or answering machines , fax machines and disconnected numbers. In summary, only calls answered happen to agents making calls. This process certainly saves a huge amount of time for call centers and agents do not have to dial the calls themselves and not have to wait for unanswered calls, ringing or answering machines.

These are some of the main benefits that you will surely get a business if they have this marking system installed and running. Another thing to consider is to be integrated with the latest technology. Consider the needs and then buy the best software that suits your calling needs . With increasing the effectiveness of communication and the effect on the bottom line predictive markers can often be a great technological option for both large and small businesses. As customer satisfaction increases so will the reputation of your company and your bottom line.

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