Cloud based Predictive Dialer and Voice Broadcasting Used in Government Agencies


Most people assume that a predictive dialer is used only for sales calls, but a predictive dialer can be used effectively by government agencies and a number of other industries as well.

Government agencies can use both predictive dialing and automatic dialing technology for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons for using an auto dialer, for example, emergency broadcasts. No matter the size can be a city, it may be necessary to contact the residents due to a flood warning, tornado warning, or other related natural phenomenon. Having the ability to send a message to all people within the borders of a city could help minimize the danger to residents.

It can also be difficult to inform all residents of a city on the important decisions that are being made on a specific topic of interest, but this can be achieved by hosted dialer technology. You can use an auto dialer campaign to inform residents the opportunity to express their opinions and even configure the system so they can press a number on your phone and speak directly to an agent call about the issue or event.

Maybe you just need its citizens to know the changes in traffic patterns due to construction, parking changes due to street cleaning, or to help facilitate the message about school closures. Whatever the reason a city government can take to reach their citizens, these tasks can be achieved by using a marker organized.

It may also require technology accepted marker for internal communications, inform all employees of the government of the issues that must be addressed immediately.