Cloud based Predictive Dialer Software to Increases Efficiency


For now, it is likely that most of us have received at least one phone call that involves a recorded message, followed by a request to hang on the line for a live operator to pick up and talk to us. This call has been generated by software-based automation that we have made a request to a service provider or for additional information, political polling service or otherwise, of a collection agency, or some other service telemarketing. The software used to track these calls and calls predictive dialer software and is widely used by call centers and inside sales to dramatically improve efficiency and performance.

Advanced predictive dialing software allows prospectors and appointment setters to increase their calls made manually usually 75 to 80 per day to over 350 calls per day to maximize not only the number of calls but the effectiveness of contacts made. Drivers are dynamically pulled from the database using criteria based query to determine who to call and the best time to call. This saves a significant amount of time for representatives who would otherwise have to take the time to find this data manually, dial the phone, wait for it to ring and be answered, etc. The software is also designed to automatically leave a personalized message when the call is answered by voice mail or answering machine.

Predictive markers make it possible for representatives to spend their time actually talking to customers, rather than waiting to talk to the customers, so that every minute of the day count. For companies or individual sales representatives who want to maximize sales and productivity, predictive dialer software can make a dramatic difference.

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