Cloud Based Predictive Dialer and IVR System solution for call center industries


Call center is a facility that uses the telephone system for the purpose of transmitting a large number of requests. It is generally used by large organizations around the world for the purpose of increasing the marketing and sales efforts. On the other hand, some organizations also use the facility known as contact center, which is generally associated with a large number of incoming requests. This facility is typically set for the purpose of providing support or assistance for products or services of a particular organization.

Traditionally, both of these centers consists of a workspace, which usually contain ISDN, computer, telephone and most importantly tele-callers or agents and support the executive table. At that time, the agency had to manually dial a list of numbers and proceed with the usual marketing strategies. In case of contact center, executive randomized to receive calls at regular intervals to support relief, burden them. This resulted in reduced productivity and high overhead costs for call centers and contact centers. The need for the inevitable solution. This situation gave birth to two new solutions: predictive dialer and IVR systems.

Predictive Dialer is a computer phone system that automatically dials a list of telephone numbers that have been set. This call phone number so that filter and eliminate all unproductive calls such as “do not call” number, answering machine, fax tone, busy tone, no signal, etc. The major benefit of this system is that it can automatically dial the number phone. Therefore, reducing the time and effort to manually call and ultimately improve agent productivity and optimized output from the call center.

On the other hand, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a system that allows callers to interact with the computer system through voice and keypad inputs and eventually lead them to the right of the executive. With the installation of this system, contact center can now search direct support to the appropriate department and available right executive. The system increases the efficiency of the contact center at the same time make the system more effective support.

Now with the advancement in technology, things have changed drastically. To further make call centers and contact centers are effective, specialized companies that offer cloud or hosted predictive dialer and IVR systems. Basically, the concept of the two systems are predictive dialer and IVR systems, remain the same, but now they host over a network or cloud computing in simple terms in a remote data center via the Internet. This has proven to be very beneficial to both the call center and contact center for all maintenance dialer and IVR server is done by specialized companies. In addition, specialized companies are also beginning to offer competitive prices on both systems.

Both of these systems have proven that they can increase the productivity and efficiency of call centers and contact centers as the same time reducing their overall costs.

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