Why Cloud based Contact Center Consider as Right Choice for BPO Induestries?


Besides facing stiff competition from countries like Philippines, South Africa and Latin America, the Indian BPO industry has to contend with rising operating costs, increased labor costs and wear. Along with this, keep call center margins tab count requirements and agent variables also pose difficulties. To address the above challenges, or deploy BPO Contact Center based on premise or in the cloud.

Both technologies have sea of ​​difference when it comes to benefits and advantages. Premise Call Center base has become obsolete and BPO are showing great interest in the deployment of cloud based Hosted center. For example, when trying to keep up and advance in technology, it becomes very difficult and expensive to upgrade based call center premise. As the center of the cloud service provider offers, maintenance and updates are taken care by the provider.

Usually, the cloud based solution is a package of connectivity, VoIP, PRI and DID minutes to adapt to the needs of both outbound and inbound BPO. Center cloud based cloud is delivered over the Internet as a SaaS (Software-as-a-model). Unlike contact centers based on the premise, in the cloud solution is a pay per use model. A BPO has to choose and pay only for the modules has been chosen.

To accommodate premise-based model, a BPO must implement expensive servers along with payment for the cost of all the infrastructure and the scoreboard. As maintaining the infrastructure deployed, managed and used only by the BPO, it becomes a very expensive ordeal for the management and the IT department. Call center needs to stay in the house based redundant system to be ‘up-and-running “and highly skilled IT resources for infrastructure.

A premise call center is not suitable for a multi-site or can be easily integrated with third party applications such as CRM, while a contact center based in the cloud is multi-level and multi-tenant. Companies can implement both home agents and multi-site environments in a contact center based in the cloud. It only takes two minutes to start with the cloud. A cloud contact center BPO helps to save money upfront in the purchase of equipment and integration costs considerably.

The legacy technology of contact centers based on the premise may be replaced by the contact center in the cloud powerful with lower IT budget, quickly and affordably. The redundant system to ensure uninterrupted operation of the cloud is deployed by the service provider reducing reliance on IT staff next to nothing.

A cloud-based center is safe and reliable. It also allows to focus on BPO key strategic issues rather than spending time on software issues and maintenance of infrastructure host center.