Clash of Pricing: Pay-per-use vs. Per-user-unlimited

Have you opted for “unlimited use” Pricing option for the Cloud-based Predictive Dialer service? Yes? Great!
Have you read all the “Terms of Services” carefully before clicking on the “Pay” button?
What is there to check, right? Unlimited is Unlimited!

Yes? No? Yes?
No! Unless you are living in a completely different world.


You must be thinking Have I gone mad or what, criticizing the “best offer” anyone can get in today’s world. You are probably right. Even I would have said the same thing four years ago until I discovered the reality behind the “unlimited use” pricing model for Cloud-based Predictive Dialer.

So, am I saying “Pay-per-use” pricing option is better than “per user unlimited” pricing?

Yes, and I have got facts to back my claim. Today I will tell you the bitter truth behind the “unlimited use” pricing model.

There are three major issues I found out with the “per user unlimited pricing” pricing option. I will address them one-by-one in detail.

1) It is not a proponent advocate of the “Fair Usage Policy.”

While providing the “Unlimited Use” pricing model, I felt that clients were not getting the full benefits for the price they were paying. The service was not reliable as after constant usage for some time, the quality of services degraded drastically.

2) Area code restriction

I wondered why my clients were not able to connect with people in some area, but later I found out that the telephone system was denying their calls to certain “Area Codes.” Clients paid for calls that did not connect using the so-called “Unlimited Use” service.

3) It restricted Clients’ “Dial Ratio”

Clients opted for “Unlimited Use” pricing because they thought it would save them money by employing less number of agents and using a higher Dial Ratio, but they ended up employing more agents due to low Dial Ratio. This, in turn, increased their operational cost due to the hiring of additional agents.

This was exactly the moment when I realized I would have saved my clients a lot of time and money if I would have provided them with “Pay-per-use” pricing option. As it is rightly said that “every cloud has a silver lining,” I learned an important lesson from my experience of giving “per user unlimited” pricing option to my clients.

Today I am proud to say that I am providing my clients with a “transparent and stable” pricing for my various services for straight four years. You might be wondering what was the lesson that I learned that day.

No worries, I would put it in simple words for you.

“Pay-per-use” Pricing = Win-Win situation!