Top 5 Predictive Dialer: Selecting the Best Fit Dialer for Your Needs from Top Dialers

Best Fit Dialer for Your Needs from Top Dialers

Choosing the best fit dialer may not be as clear cut anymore. There are numerous solutions available with different bells and whistles. Choosing one randomly from the best predictive dialers may not be in your best interest. Why must you pay extra for something that you don’t need? Hence deciding what you need becomes a crucial aspect while choosing a dialer.

Evaluating Your needs

Businesses like fingerprints are inherently unique in their functioning and needs but the binding constraints of human resource, time allocation, budget, and many more such buckets. We have compiled a list of buckets that broadly covers all the frequently occurring constraints.

Human Resources

The most crucial and perhaps the costliest and tricky resource in your assets, optimizing here, is prone to give direct results. Augmenting here by automating parts enables you to drive more business and bulk up your funnel with battle-ready troops. Step one in that vein was choosing a predictive dialer software to overpower dialers, but is just that enough?

Call Pacing Algorithm

This algorithm maximizes the most of your agent’s time. It ensures that a steady stream of conversations without wasting your agents’ time or wasting leads.

Single Click Voicemail Drops

Did you know an average sales representative spends 15% of his time leaving voicemails? Now, at every stage of the call, allow your agents to have a hassle-free voice drop option whenever connecting to an answering machine.

Answering Machine Detection

If you think a single click voicemail drop was cool, let us raise the bar higher with automatic answering machine detection. With this feature, you can set the dialer to drop a voicemail whenever reaching an answering machine. It also saves many agents time by filtering out nonhuman responses, thus allowing prioritization of plans.

Tech Harmony

Another key aspect that sets wheat apart from chaffs is the dialer’s compatibility with the tools and tech you currently have. Also, the dialer solution should seamlessly upgrade your existing tech and not force you to migrate.

Easy CRM Integration

Many of the leading dialers now come with robust integration options with all the current CRM tools and services. It is becoming increasingly easy to migrate data and auto-update CRM databases with this integration. That said, it would still be prudent to check whether the vendor supports backward integration with an already existing solution.

Stand Alone Cloud

With browser-based solutions available, the setup, installation, hardware configs, and other hassles are highly streamlined. Moreover, cloud infrastructure ensures that you operate it from any desktop environment running the latest browser.

Intuitive UI

Nomenclature is significant, and so is the interface layout in detail and process-oriented business like ours. Hence, it becomes imperative that the process flows and labels are designed not just on par with the highest business standards but also for intuitive understanding. Simple terms like a call terminated might confuse the agent and choke the process unless properly defined and correctly used.

Multiple Campaign Management

It is also essential that the vendor you choose has provision to create, manage, and update multiple campaigns simultaneously.

LeadsRains’ Pro Tip: Never compromise on this, even when you have to compromise your budget.

The freedom of various campaigns will pay for itself many times over.


With increasing tech advancements, it has become easier to scale up but scaling down is still a hassle. Suppose you are operating in an industry with high surges. In that case, you might also want to consider scaling down costs and options available with the vendor of your choice. An excellent place to start would be analyzing per-seat cost, monthly lock-ins, and related commitments.


The dialer’s cost varies by a significant margin across various vendors, depending on the features and pricing plans. The pricing plans and other charges are levied in three broad buckets.

  1. Subscription Cost
  2. Per Seat Charges
  3. Added Charges for Scrubbers, Inbound Numbers and like

You can also check out our blog Pay Per Use vs. Unlimited Plan for an in-depth analysis of the most commonly found subscription costs.

Free Trial

Most vendors in the segment allow either a virtual walkthrough post quotation or allow you access to the portal only after payment, which significantly limits your chances of switching back. Hence, undertaking a trial run before committing will enable you to vet and verify that all your needs are matched precisely as you want.


The often-overlooked post-purchase element is the support from vendors, be it in guiding you through technical mishaps, customizing solutions, or even advising you on your campaigns. Support from vendors plays a critical role in the success of your campaigns. Choosing the right partner hence is a very crucial step. You can quantify the vendor’s support based on the response time, support across call and chat, and willingness to go the extra mile for you.

List of Top 5 Predictive Dialer Software

We have compiled a list of the core must have features across the top 5 vendors in the industry for you to compare.

Feature LeadsRain Five9 Convoso DialerAI GENESYS
Reporting & Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart Retry Yes No No Yes Yes
99% Uptime Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hours of Operation 24×7 24×7 6 am to 5 pm 9 am to 7 pm 24×7
Telephone Support Full Day Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instant Chat 24×6 Yes No No No
Flexible Pricing Yes No No Yes Yes
Free Trial Yes No No Yes Yes
Real-Time Monitoring Yes No No No Yes
CRM Integrations Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Customizable Dashboards Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Data Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dialer List Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DNC Compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FCC Compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FTC Compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Location Specific Caller ID Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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