A Use Case for Insurance Industries



Insurance companies but obviously have to reach out to their customers to inform them about proactive updates. Not only it appears intrusive but can also irritate your customers. The lack of customer’s attention during call is yet another major problem that becomes a barrier in business.

Ringless Voicemail is a self-suggestive term. As an insurance agent you can contact your customers and prospective leads without ringing their phones. And, this stored Voicemail is heard by your prospect/customer whenever they wish to. This would result in a customer’s full attention to the message meant to pass.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that our Ringless Voicemail now natively integrates with world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce.

We support both the Salesforce Classic and Lightning experience frameworks, you can use the one that suits your purpose.

Here’s how you can use our services from your Salesforce account, just go to your dashboard, click on the “leads” tab select multiple or single leads or contacts, enter the asked for information, upload your voicemail and click on “send voicemail”.  In the “chatter” tab you can see the history of the sent emails.

With Ringless Voicemail marketing, as an insurance company, you broadcast proactive alerts to your leads like new schemes, plans or any exclusive benefits and also send customized voice messages to a particular customer and provide them with any call to action necessary.

To get this quick and easy service up and running for your Insurance company contact us at support@leadsrain.com

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