Call Center Outsourcing


Outsourcing your incoming calls to a call center service is a very important business decision. The call center service staff will be the primary point of contact for most of your customers. The right service partners can significantly affect people’s perception of your company to make positive your brand and customer satisfaction.

The following are the top ten factors that you should consider before hiring a call center service:

1 experience and track record: Experienced providers have a good knowledge of your industry, potential problems, and the ability to deal with them. Find a vendor who has experience in the industry and an excellent reputation in the market. Ask your provider for references and call them to find out whether they are satisfied with the service.

2 Price: Prices are based on actual consumption. Get quotes from multiple vendors, the details of charges, training and setup included. Do not be in love with the ultra-low-cost provider, unless they can offer a lot of service. Poor service quality at a bargain price can lead to loss of customers and brand value.

3 Location: Ask the call center service provider about the location of the call center that would handle your calls. Many providers can send calls to multiple recipients – Offshore and in your country. Make sure such an arrangement meets your business requirements.

4 Infrastructure: The efficiency of a service depends on the infrastructure. Ask the call center service providers for their telephone systems, computers and software.

5 Customer Service Reps: Learn to talk about the training, English and the attitude of the customer service representatives and the turnover rate of customer service agents. Do not use if the average tenure of an employee less than a year.

6 Reporting: Detailed accurate reports are a must for the evaluation of the performance of the call center service. When finished reports are inadequate, ask your provider, provide the raw data to facilitate your own analysis. Call duration, calls per unit time, total revenue, average speed of answering a call and call handling time, some of the metrics you should use to measure service performance.

7 Call monitoring: your call center service needs you can make calls to monitor to evaluate their effectiveness. Ask for you to hear the vendors to a few live calls through remote call monitoring system from time to time.

8 Call volume: To be the most effective business relationship with the seller your call volume should be at least 5 percent of the provider call volume account.

9 Special Needs: Service provider, you should have the appropriate resources to handle all your scripting and training needs. The provider should also accommodate other special requirements such as 24×7 or to support multiple languages.

10 Account Manager: The account managers are responsible for your company, have good understanding of your business and relevant experience.

Hiring a call center service for your business is an important decision. If done correctly, it can lead profitability in a productive partnership, lower costs and improved.

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