The Call Center Industry is in the Motion


The call center industry is in motion. The technology is rapidly advancing and the competition is getting fierce with fewer people to call in the telemarketing industry, especially with the FCC to enforce the standards of the FTC “Do Not Call List”. There were massive layoffs in the Out Bound Telemarketing Company. Many telemarketing companies remained in business because they work for politician’s campaigns or contract with the major parties, or PACs. Others have gone into the non-profit sector in order for funds from donors pitch as the non-profit sector is short of money as the economy makes it the U-Turn and taxis to the runway for a for take-off election year flight canceled 11,500 .

We noted in our company along with many small and medium-sized enterprises type mobile service the services of call centers and answering services have been used to collect calls to the operator. What we find when talking with companies. Do not have their own telemarketing department that it is difficult to find a call center company to find , keep prices as high as they need the customer satisfaction We are from companies that are always harder to hear that.

Consumers are not simple to please either. Call Center rates answer the phone and then send it electronically by alpha pager or PDA Blue Tooth fee between $ 1.50 to $ 2.80 per call and $ 0.40 to $ 0.90 to shipping out. Often small businesses were getting a break due to the fact that call center companies and answering services had other major corporate and larger customers. With the economic success combined with the telemarketing hit with the “Do Not Call List” (which no one can be required to deny to keep pesky telemarketers from calling at your residence at dinner times intentionally) , was the change in the call center industry dramatically. Now the economy is rebounding, but in some markets in which they were large employers, many are still in the labor market.

Larger companies are now using some new technologies to reduce costs and call centers to only actual operator if it is absolutely necessary. If necessary, the “in – bound” operator usually more up-sell screens, possibly to increase the revenue for the company and they are often given commissions for up selling. There are hundreds of new white papers on call center software on IT -bit pipe line as the industry attempts to use artificial intelligence to limit the time of the operators in the centers.

Many of these telemarketing inbound call centers are not even in the country. Called on the other day in Nova Scotia, Canada. Have several in India called for many very large companies. It is interesting that these companies often process payments and credit cards through these call centers and often personal information and credit card numbers. It use to be a huge problem with call centers with prison labor that was going to the FBI gets started checking into the identity theft and a few of them be on it .

The company will try to shave costs wherever they can. Many companies try to shave costs wherever they can, and that means, call center, but with intelligent systems, overseas or land operator and / or closing service centers over. Some have a third party call center with some success , which works well when the call center , you can keep your satisfaction at 80 % and , in general, this is outsourced hard, but companies are India good at it , polite , which is . Actually, and unfortunately for good Americans who had jobs.

There was some discussion about the sourcing of jobs in these sectors, although these jobs are very valuable, we should be worried about deported IT jobs to China more. And of Defense contracts go to Indian companies for IT. Some modern in house call centers are always 500 % up to sell , which means they are not only getting a live voice to the customer, which is perceived not added as a value in this day personalized service , but also customer loyalty , the by up to 15% , a good white paper is written by the founder of eLoyalty on this . The work’s title is “customer relationships – affect a breakthrough model for the analysis and customer behavior;

It appeared in the “paradigm shift”, as he calls it as a call center computer analysis of the voice of the caller and hit rates to the operator to use to solve hostile conflict, build report and then sell or to calm down a customer if it is a complaint call. In surveys by phone of customer experience there was incredible improvements in satisfaction. Who to make their companies should improve that white paper to read. Perhaps the government should get these systems because these so-called ” good people ” in government at their call centers are about the most worthless , un caring people I have ever seen. And many of their superiors need to be painted for their attitude. Apparently they have completely forgotten the customer?

Makes a lot of sense. Soon, using this type of software and take it to the next level, we will see machine interface with the people and not even say the wrong thing, show unnecessary attitude, ego or vengeful spite. It is imperative that the latest technologies to stay bleeding edge in this transition in the call center industry, which we implement.

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