Call Center Industry in Asia and its Future


The call center industry in Asia remains optimistic despite the global economic crisis has been happening in recent years. Despite the recession, although the outlook for the BPO market is optimistic. According to analysts of the top industry giants BPO company in Asia, there will be a big jump in revenue growth of outsourcing business ‘ in 2009 , with a much stronger emphasis on the opportunities for improvement costs back office.

Many customers prefer foreign call centers in Asia due to its well-established models and time-tested to give you the best customer service outsourcing. Through information technology and communications to advance the software, it is not difficult to see how the work of customer service representatives, no matter what part of the world that are in the past, the distance has always proven to be a complex problem for most people but now, IT maintenance problems, has allowed to approach the spaces between the continents.

Apart from this, the call center industry in Asia is bringing a lot of savings for many companies due to labor cost reduction. In many cases, could be reduced to as much as 85 % through outsourcing. On a typical day, the average agent call center in Asia only charge $ 6 to $ 8 for their salaries compared to sales representatives of U.S. customers. Apart from this, the call center industry in Asia is a booming business as it brings a lot of savings for businesses. Ultimately, all business costs are reduced.

Aside from being relatively cheap labor, call center services in Asia are preferred by many companies, particularly European countries due to the quality of service they provide. Many of them say that the call center agents in the Philippines are very proficient in English, educated labor, and diligent in their work. No wonder that the Philippines can hit really big in the industry because of its rich potential workforce. Many people come to this country as a mecca for many BPO companies because Filipinos are very adept in English and can learn the ins and outs faster than anyone else can craft. This is just a sample of what the Asia – Pacific do in promoting the growth of the call center industry.

However, despite all these resources available, the emergence of Asia need stronger ties and affinities of many stable solutions providers call center in Asia and their foreign customers? Today, the BPO industry in Asia is fighting his way to the top and shows no signs of slowing down. According to economists, revenue increased 25% in local currencies and 23% in U.S. dollars. Although these statistics are much lower than it used to win in the past, the industry continues to survive and thrive in the midst of economic and financial events that shape their existence.

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