Call Center Auto Dialer for Debt Settlement Business


The industry of debt settlement is successful or not based largely in part to the success of your call center operations. At the heart of this operation is the call center predictive dialing. The system more efficient and effective predictive dialer is the time agents can be on the phone.

The industry of debt settlement is an industry of numbers. The success is in the numbers which means that it is essential that call center operations are efficient and effective. Charged with the responsibility of systems research for one of our best customers we had our research, test and select the best call center predictive dialing for the debt settlement industry.

First create a list of the most important features of call center software for the debt collection industry and balance. The list includes:

  • Robust and highly efficient predictive dialing
  • Web -based operations
  • Capacity expansion and enlargement
  • VoIP technology
  • Programming and callback
  • Customizable Forms for agents to complete
  • Call Recording
  • Statistics reporter agent

The list was considerably longer than the previous but the above list represents some of the most important features that were considered during the research and testing.

Many of the tested systems were created for microenterprises with 1 or possibly two agents. These systems were quickly eliminated from consideration. Some of the systems required highly complex configurations that made them inefficient and ineffective.

After several weeks of testing several predictive markers for our customer call center debt settlement we narrowed the search to three systems. One of them was eliminated ultimately because we find that the predictive dialing system was not intuitive enough to maximize time agent on the phone or stayed with callers to wait too long for an agent and hanging.

The two final systems studied were similar in quality and tuning however, found a significantly beat the other on prices. In the end, the call center predictive dialer that provides Safe Soft Solutions is that we conclude that it is best for the debt settlement industry.