Build Effective Team in a Contact Center Environment


There is a lot of buzz in the media about how technology isolates people, but the reality is technology is only a tool. When used correctly, call center solutions-oriented technology can bring to their agents closer together and turn a group of individuals in a team of customer service unified.

Agents Bring Together

Despite not stop dealing with customers, agents often feel cut into their positions. Designs of traditional cubicles increase this by putting all the agents in a separate space. Originally made to minimize extraneous noise during the call, this structure makes every agent a castaway island. The workday becomes a grueling series of phone calls, and agents lose sight of the important role they play as part of the service structure of the company.

Modern call center solutions bring agents together to remove barriers, both physical and psychological. In addition to the more open work areas, software and electronic boards allow agents to see how the department as a whole is performing. These systems remind agents of the bigger picture that are a part of, and allows them to assess and respond to changes in call traffic.

Bringing Departments Together

Another aspect of the management of the service center is changing is the way operations are seen in the broader context of society as a whole. Customer service, technical support and other call centers in the past were treated as isolated aspects of the company with little integration with activities that generate profits.

Call center solutions that incorporate the entire organization have proved more successful. Information technology makes it easy to feed metrics call center to anyone in the company. Executives can evaluate the telephone traffic in real time to see if changes are needed or if new policies are working. Other departments can use existing metrics to determine whether it would be better to transfer a customer to a support technician now, or take a message and have a technician call back during hours of low traffic. Everyone becomes part of the structure of customer service.

Bring Together Global Operations

A customer in Atlanta dialing a toll-free service could get an agent in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Tallahassee – or in the case of London, Madrid or New Delhi. The ease of submission and voice communication anywhere has enabled organizations to employ agents worldwide. Companies can use a dedicated phone centers, a collection of home-based agents, or a combination of both.

No matter how many centers to support a company has, the call center solutions to all come together in a global team. If an agent is a contractor who works from a home office or a member of a service center for high-tech home to thousands of employees, each agent receives the same information, the same support and the same reaction.

Yes, technology can divide but can also join. Comprehensive call center solutions include not only technological tools, but also policies that ensure these tools are used to improve operations and bring agents together.

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