How to get benefits by using Predictive dialing effectively?


When selecting a call center software technology is very important. The efficiency of the telemarketing company will play a large part in determining the overall cost.

Predictive dialing outgoing calls

If your marketing campaign is an outbound use internal or leased telephone marketing requires a lot of phone list, and then must use the predictive dialer call center you choose.

Due to a large proportion of the phone number, your phone list, busy signal, no answer, disconnected numbers, fax numbers, telephone answering machines or other electronic devices, manual dialing, a high proportion of non-productive time. In order to overcome these characteristics of the call center will use a predictive dialer telephone call data.

Predictive dialer is software and hardware bundle, dialing, call forwarding and call data display. Dialer detects an invalid response, such as busy signals, answering machines, disconnected, and there is no answer, do not send the call agent. This greatly increases the contact rate and talk time, efficient outbound.

Dialer is called a “forecast”, because it learned how to stay on the phone and dialing a long term agency needs to get a connection, then, according to this history, call agents, they will have a very high probability (not necessarily If they are available). This can maximize agent talk time, but also can create dropped calls. Prospects of dropped calls, answer the phone prospects no agent available, so hung up the phone and say hello, no response.

Therefore, the challenge is to use predictive dialing correctly configured accurate predictions and adjust the dial-up speed. Not the phone call a sufficient number of seats idle (non-call) will improve, too many phone at the same time, when the agents are unavailable, will lead to dropped calls, and may be in violation of regulatory requirements. Dialer is a good predictor of its dial-up connection and dropped call rate on the basis of the strategic adjustment.

Furthermore, the predictive dialer has a variety of functions and select partners, your telemarketing services provided, and report you need to have the necessary. Dialer can be landline or VoIP, Web site or virtual. Dialer features, such as automatic call distribution (ACD), Hosted IVR (interactive voice response), call records, CRM integration.

Check your telemarketing outsourcing these functions to ensure that the service you receive and report is in line with your internal needs.

Cloud Predictive dialer With efficient Dialing, can also provide useful information, such as dial call list, when machines, busy signals, answering machines, disconnected and the agent actually say they can handle prospects for appeal are not interested, do not call, call, aftermarket, and easily determine the test list, per hour, per agent sales or potential customers the best performance so calculated.

When taking into account the outbound domestic or offshore telemarketing company, its technology is an important factor in determining the quality, performance and price.

If you want to understand the importance of the success of outbound telemarketing, predictive dialer.