Cold Canvassing For Outbound Lead Generation – A Beginners Guide

A Beginner Guide on Cold Canvassing for Outbound Lead Generators

Selling something, be it a service or a product is not exactly as easy as many people think. As a salesperson or a company hoping to increase sales, you will have to put in a lot of effort that may or may not be fruitful.

The biggest reason why the people you are targeting are not buying your services is that they just aren’t interested in the things that you are putting out. It is a waste of time and energy to target people who are not interested. Instead, it is better if you focus all your time and energy on targeting people who are actually interested in the things that you have to offer.

The question now remains as to how you can sift and sort through people to find out who is willing to invest in your services or products. We have the perfect solution for you and, that is to hit the nail on the head. Reach out to your potential customers exactly where they are. This is called Cold Canvassing and LeadsRain can help you with that!

Before we go on ahead, let’s first learn what Cold Canvassing is!

What Is Cold Canvassing?

To put it simply, Cold Canvassing is a process where you can approach your potential clients and learn whether they are interested in what you are offering. You may be thinking about the process involving a sales pitch or other details of the service.

This process does not involve any such thing and is designed around the idea of interacting with potential customers and getting insights into their interests.

Cold canvassing is not limited to any medium. You can perform it both, in person and over the call. The in-person technique demands you to go to different neighborhoods and gather insight by going door to door. This can be a very extensive procedure and there are other more convenient ways you can perform cold canvassing. For instance, you can do the communication on call.

LeadsRain can be of great help with that. We offer Cloud-based Predictive Dialer Software that can help you build a blended campaign and target whoever you want to. If you go to homes without first giving them a ring or understanding whether or not they will be interested in the services you have to offer, the results may not be favorable. This is why it is very important for users to practice cold canvassing to not only generate leads but turn them into customers.

Why Can’t you miss Cold Canvassing for Your LeadGen Campaigns?

If you want your business to succeed, you simply cannot miss out on cold canvassing. Here are some of the top benefits of cold canvassing:

Higher Returns

When you take a more targeted approach, you are bound to get better and more organized returns. Since this time you are only targeting people who are actually interested in what you are offering, you are very likely to get the returns you want. This way, the chances of your leads converting into returns increase significantly.

This means that you will be able to generate more revenue than you were doing previously. The high returns show you exactly how cold canvassing is a great marketing strategy that helps your business grow. If you include it in your marketing and lead generation campaigns you are sure to reap some great benefits.

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Strong Connections

To increase your sales, you need to have the right connections that you can act on. Cold canvassing helps you connect with your audience in a way where you can build a relationship of goodwill and earn the trust of your audience. Having a good rapport for your business is very important

Even if the customer is not willing to buy your product or service, you will still be able to make connections and use them for your benefit later on.

Improved Customer Understanding

When you interact with your customers on a more personal level, you are sure to understand what your target customers are looking for. This understanding helps you realize the public demand and how your brand or service is not able to hit the mark. Think of it as research that helps you come up with all the advancements you should make.

If you make the changes as needed, you will be able to improve your services and further increase your revenues.

Tips to Design a Cold Canvassing Campaign

Now that you are sold on the idea that cold canvassing is the best way to turn your leads into customers, here is how you can design a cold canvassing campaign:

Zero-in On Your Targets

To begin targeting, you must first know exactly who you are going to target. You obviously have a service or a product that is designed for a specific audience. All you need to do is to realize who that audience is and where you can find it. Once you are able to locate your target audience. you can move on to the next step, which is, deciding what kind of insights you need.

Brainstorm the Information You Are Looking For

This is where you try to decide what insights can be useful for you when you continue with your sales. This is not just limited to the insights you might get from your clients but it also includes the information you might get from the market.

Team Meeting!

This is the time to put your learning into action and prepare your team to go out. You can ask them to start keeping all the information you have in mind. They can use software like LeadsRain Predictive Dialer and make things more efficient and streamlined.


Cold Canvassing is an excellent strategy to use and can actually help you take your business to the next level. Just make sure you use the right Outbound Dialer Software. To know more about how an Outbound Predictive Dialer Software can help you leverage Cold Canvassing, reach out to our experts today at or schedule a demo now!