How can we use auto dialer for telemarketing industries?


Ever eating dinner and had the phone ringing, get up and pick up, expecting to have to turn away another telemarketer, but instead there is nothing at the other end of the line? Sometimes, you can say “hello” until you’re blue in the face and absolutely no one is on the other end. At other times, if repeated himself a few times, automated telemarketing message finally starts to play. This is a result of an auto dialer.

The official name of the auto-dialer is’ automatic calling unit. “These machines will automatically dial any phone number that has been programmed into it through a computer and calling a landline, cell phone or pager. They are programmed to then start playing a recorded message that is usually trying to sell something or tell something. Lately, there have even been developed auto-dialers to send text messages to cell phones.

These pieces of equipment are continuously being updated to keep up with the latest technologies. Most of them are now able not only to detect if someone has picked up the phone, but can often determine the difference between an answering machine and a real person. However, to make this determination, we need a brief extra moment for the auto-dialer’s computer to make an analysis. So far, no auto-dialer that is obtained an accuracy of 100 percent.

The reason why there is sometimes a long pause of silence before the automated message is activated when a call from an auto-dialer is that the machine is taking its time to determine if you are a person or an answering machine. Also, some machines are programmed to wait additional time if an answering machine picks up, so that as many automated message will be recorded on the answering machine.

If you want a particular company to stop to call their automated messages, you can try to find out who owns a phone number [] by recording the number from the caller ID and use a reverse online phone number search.

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