New Attraction of Contact Center Outsourcing


As the U.S. economy experienced its most severe since the Great Depression, economic crisis, an increasing number of companies are recognizing the benefits of outsourcing all, or at least some of its call center operations. While not a monumental shift, national options are gaining traction not only for political reasons, but especially because of the evolving applications.

While proposals for major value for the operations of call center outsourcing has generally focused on reducing costs , leveraging new technologies , reducing capital investments, the use of scalable infrastructure and access to the best practices; the revenue side is becoming a primary consideration. Furthermore, despite the stressful environment in which many companies operate, it is making the decision-making process on whether to outsource more methodical and strategic way compared to previous periods when a singular justification, as the projected costs of overwhelming weight savings made.

In order to take advantage of a fertile market, providers of call center services face a number of challenges. They have to deal with concerns such as measurements of quality performance, customer data security and even government regulations. New delivery models must be developed that recognize the increasingly complex nature of customer interactions and integration with a multitude of business processes. This requires providers to move from a transaction mentality to a mentality strategic partnership driven continuous improvement of business processes for both the call center and the customer.

The most cited benefit of the services of call center outsourcing is that it allows companies to focus better on their core competencies. However, this is a very comprehensive evaluation, if it is not defective because it suggests that interactions with customers have strategic implications. Today , one customer interaction in all its forms , whether an incoming phone call, web chat or email exchange , you can have a multiplier and effect profound impact bottom line when these good or bad experiences instantly traverse media and online social networking spaces and collect a life of their own.

Traditionally, call centers have been used mainly in a reactive role. In today’s world there is much more emphasis on the development of new products and dynamic applications that include:

Or lead generation, surveys and customer retention

Cruz or communication channel marketing and sales campaigns

Health and medical support or

Provide emergency assistance or

Solutions or specific industry

Off shore call centers are receiving greater scrutiny. Countries like India and the Philippines aggressively positioned options call center outsourcing as viable in the 1990s. Consequently, they were quite successful in attracting computer, financial services and related software companies.

However, it was not long for friends and family members to share their frustrating experiences of talking to someone in a distant country and that this also makes the brunt of late night talk show jokes. Cultural expressions often create communication barriers prevented uncomfortable and agents admit misunderstood something or even worse offend the caller. In addition, discussions are often performed through voice networks less than stellar.

From the perspective of the company, in case of problems in the operation of a call center offshore, the company not only to face the same cultural barriers their clients face , geographical distance makes troubleshooting real time, even with video conferencing , a considerable challenge.

A growing number of companies based in the U.S. who changed the call center operations abroad have come to the conclusion that the projected cost savings are diluted by significant customer dissatisfaction, defections and direct many other hidden costs that negatively affect the income statement . These experiences do not mean that in all cases of foreign outsourcing creates a problem, but what it does illustrate is that outsourcing is a business involved.

With the unemployment rate continues to rise, public relations and political pressure to keep jobs call center in the United States is considerable. Moreover, recent political uncertainties in foreign countries have increased rapidly in the broader disruptions. As a result, many companies are dividing their subcontracting activities between domestic suppliers.

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