Architectures of Cloud based Hosted Dialer


A predictive dialing system is basically an automated phone system for call centers designed to connect sales agents to potential customers that the predictive dialer software calls automatically . These systems have dramatically improved the efficiency of focus , productivity and profits.

There are several ways to implement the functions of a predictive dialing system . They all perform essentially the same set of services, but the cost savings and performance may vary significantly. The five basic types of marker systems are briefly discussed below:

Soft Dialers:

” Soft Dialers ” are software systems that usually only cost less to buy , and not using telephony hardware (ie , plug-in cards for computers). Soft Dialers frequently offer call progress analysis and classification of calls and integrate ( or include ) the voice recording , interactive voice response (IVR ) , speech recognition and conversion applications text to speech.

Hard Dialers:

” Dialers hard ” boards use telephony hardware for analyzing call progress and detect answering machines. Most often , audio agent is directly connected to a PBX via T1 , E1, or ISDN signaling . Hard Dialers generally require fewer connections and telephony hardware that can be directly connected to the public switched telephone network ( PSTN).

Smart Dialers:

A “smart predictive dialer ” is a relatively new option available , and integrated voice messaging connections with call center agents . In other words , when a call is answered, the intelligent system will play an introductory recorded message giving the called party the option to speak with an agent to complete the transaction. This approach provides additional time savings , greeting consistently identify the caller and the reason for the call, and a better ratio of calls to available agents .

Hosted Dialer:

The ” stayed marker” is another new product of the Internet phenomenon . This ” software as a service” (SaaS ) , a third party company “hosts” predictive dialing system for you, you just need a computer , an Internet connection and a telephone line for each agent. The PDS staying also known as ” Virtual Predictive Dialers ,” ” Predictive Dialers Web-enabled ” and ” VOIP Predictive dialers “).

Dialers hybrids:

The final architecture, “Hybrid Predictive Dialer System ” , usually a soft marker in a ” hosted VoIP provider ” for actual calls. This approach is connected to a PBX system, it is connected to a VOIP service provider via the Internet . The difference between this and the ” score driven ” system is all that is provided by the service ” driven ” , while the marker system resides and is controlled by the laboratory.